From midnight on 30th March, Great Britain may no longer be part of the European Union and – unless a Community agreement intervenes to regulate the transition – the exit from the European Market will have important repercussions on the freight transport sector.

Every year Italy sells goods and services in Great Britain for a total of over 24 billion euros, which represents 5% of national exports. It is no coincidence that Sogedim has activated numerous lines of traffic with the United Kingdom, thanks to bilateral cooperation agreements with partner companies in various cities, London on top.

Year 1993 marked the beginning of the winning relationship with Great Britain and, from that moment, Sogedim has been keeping its leadership in the forwarding traffic to and from the United Kingdom: the massive number of shipments run during the thirty-year activity has made Sogedim’s position on the UK market  more and more solid, with guaranteed multi-weekly connections to and from London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford and Glasgow.

Today our goal is to leave nothing to chance and ensure the maintenance of our high operational level in such area, together with our usual fast, safe and efficient service.

Sogedim. Freight forwarder and reliable partner for freight transport to and from the United Kingdom.

Sogedim è un corrispondente affidabile per i tuoi ta

To prepare for March 31st, 2019 Sogedim has already undertaken a series of preventive and precautionary measures, which primarily concern:

  • an adequate training of the staff, with all the necessary insights in order to guarantee the business continuity;
  • the acquisition of AEO certification;
  • an update of the skills to all the staff responsible for customs issues;
  • recruiting specialized staff to offer tailor-made support and advice;
  • incresing  warehouse capacity for the customs areas dedicated to traffic between Italy and the UK;
  • due regard paid to all aspects of business for road transport, both commercial and financial.

So far the offer of part, groupage and full loads to and from the UK has been following linear patterns. Indeed the workflow has not yet changed, nor the United Kingdom has released any particular indications that could presage imminent changes.

The development of new cooperations with English operators strategically located in the country has helped to optimize the export shipping activities, with faster and better organized processes: these factors make Sogedim ready to manage the event in its course in case of declared emergency.

All the shipping processes will continue to be followed in a timely and secure manner in each phase  and nothing will therefore affect the quality of the relationship between Sogedim and its partners.

Regardless of the legal effects that Brexit will have on transport and logistics, since nothing significant has happened yet, today we operate regularly while keeping an eye open on the UK scenario.

For Sogedim, the customer always comes first. To support our clients in this phase of uncertainty, Sogedim has been monitoring the whole process in order to be able to grasp any changes and to avoid any complications in the field of transport. Task force of experts have been set up to intervene to minimize the repercussions on the supply chain.


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