AEO certification: what it is, why it offers advantages to companies

What is the AEO certification

The AEO certification is a part of regulations applied to the regulations of the Community Customs Code and is issued after a specific application by the companies that request it from the competent Customs Authorities. The Customs Authority shall implement specific checks and controls in order to analyze and demonstrate compliance by the company with the obligations in customs matters concerning the accounting area, financial solvency, compliance with precise safety standards, compliance with customs regulations.

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The new Customs Code of the union

Sogedim wanted the AEO certificate

The choice by our company to request AEO certification is due to the desire to offer our customers the best possible, fast, efficient and rigorous service. The AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) qualification confers the status of  “authorized economic operator”, and today represents the greatest recognition that the Customs Authority can bestow on an international freight forwarder.

From 2020, the AEO certification will cease to be optional, becoming a necessary requirement for logistics operators in the international arena.

To whom the AEO certification applies

The AEO certificate is awarded to those who, by making a specific request, it is considered suitable. The AEO certification applies to economic operators and commercial partners participating in the international procurement process, therefore to those who, on the international market, carry out activities related to customs operations. Those who can apply are:

  • manufacturers;
  • exporters;
  • freight transport companies;
  • depositories;
  • customs agents;
  • vectors;
  • importers etc.

Types of European Community AEO certificate

There are three types of certifications valid for the European Community in force since 1 January 2008 with regulations (EC) n. 648/2005 and n. 1875/2006.

  • AEOC (Customs) – Customs simplifications;
  • AEOS (Security) – Security;
  • AEOF (Full) – Combined authorization of both previous certifications (customs simplifications plus security).

AEOF Certificate (Full)

Sogedim has acquired the status of “authorized economic operator”, with the issue of the accreditation report for the AEO FULL certification (security and customs).

The customs authority has encountered a strict compliance with the law on security and customs services, and for this reason, Sogedim has been recognized with all the requirements and capabilities provided for by the Community Customs Code (Reg. 2913/92 and subsequent amendments).


From the moment it acquired the AEO certificate, Sogedim has further tightened relations with the customs authorities, speeding up the process of international shipments.

The AEO qualification, recognizing the legal status of a reliable company operating in compliance with the requirements and the regulatory framework established by the EU, brings numerous advantages to companies and carriers operating in our import/export sector.

In 2008, Sogedim became a global logistics operator to all intents and purposes with the opening of the overseas transport department; officially it acquires the AEO certificate from 1st August 2018.

What benefits does an AEO qualified freight forwarder offer to its customers?

The AEO certificate is a recognition with community value that can offer numerous advantages:

  • status of reliability and security with unlimited and community validity;
  • facilitations on customs security controls and simplifications in the customs clearance process;
  • faster and more efficient transport (at all stages);
  • cost reduction;
  • priority treatment of the load, in case of selection for control;
  • choice of the place of execution of the check (the benefit is subject to agreement with the customs);
  • reduction of thefts and losses;
  • better planning in the solutions proposed to the customer;
  • better cooperation and communication between supply chain partners;
  • exemption from the provision of guarantees for the introduction of goods in customs / VAT warehouses;
  • customized control programs.

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