Shipping in Italy

We have always recognised the importance of providing flexible services to meet the varied needs of our clients.
As our Italian shipping operations have grown over the years, this has meantexpanding our network to provide comprehensive coverage for collections and deliveries across the country.

Leading the freight and logistics market in Italy

We offer specialised shipping services for a huge range of goods, consulting with the client on the choice of transport options to ensure their products arrive on time and in perfect condition: a commitment to quality that means peace of mind for you.
By working with a close-knit network of agents and carriers and integrating with Italy’s leading distribution networks, we are able to guarantee reliable and competitively priced groupage and pallet shipping with comprehensive territorial coverage throughout the country.

We operate services to and from all Italian regions on a daily basis, meaning we can guarantee your shipment will arrive when it needs to.

Our solutions cover all types and sizes of consignment, from a single package to an industrial load, and even temperature-controlled and ADR.

A perfectly structured network

From our cutting-edge operational hub and headquarters, we are able to coordinate all of our collections and deliveries for all types and sizes of cargo.

Our modern facilities allow us to coordinate international road solutions and sea and air freight services with the same precision and punctuality.


Our new, high-tech logistics control centre offers connections to and from every urban centre in Italy, including those on the islands.


With over 125 agents spread across the country, including the islands, we can guarantee a fully curated service wherever you need to ship your goods.


With a huge range of options and cargo-optimisation capabilities, we are able to find economical solutions and pass the saving to the client.

Secure, efficient and competitively priced shipping to anywhere in Italy

Our new headquarters is set up to offer specialised loading, unloading, storage and shipping areas. Our technical team at the facility work with a custom-made IT system that can be calibrated to the exact standards that apply to each consignment: “Logistics 2.0” in action.

Our computer system also maintains a constant connection with our carriers, and can be accessed remotely by our clients, meaning they can track the progress of their consignments in real time or receive updates from their Sogedim representative.

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