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Domestic distribution

Year after year we have increased and refined our capillary pick-up and delivery network,
thanks to the growth of the domestic market and our great flexibility in responding to customers’ specific needs.

A leader in transportation and logistics in Italy

We specialise in various types of merchandise, helping customers choose the best shipping methods to ensure that delivery takes place quickly and the goods arrive in perfect condition: our scrupulous care is an important guarantee for you.

We guarantee coverage all over the country with a dense network of agents: our partners constitute the country’s biggest network for packing and pallet shipment, guaranteeing reliable delivery schedules and competitive prices for our customers. Daily links to and from all parts of the country ensure that our customers’ shipments arrive at their destination on time.

We offer services for all kinds of goods, from packages to industrial loads, ADR and controlled temperature shipments.

A well-organised network

We handle goods of all kinds through our operating base, a modern hub for managing pick-up and delivery operations.

This cutting-edge domestic distribution facility also ensures timely, coordinated management of international land, sea and air shipping.


Our technologically advanced new logistics centre is connected to all Italian locations, including the islands.


Over 125 representatives all over the country, including the islands, guarantee our distribution service.


Load optimisation and service diversification allow us to offer our customers opportunities to save.

Sogedim: efficient, safe, economical domestic distribution transport

Our new headquarters feature loading and receiving, storage and shipping areas where our technical staff works on the basis of the Logistics 2.0 concept, with an information system tailored to specific quality standards.

We are constantly connected with our carriers online: the position of your goods is traced through our computer system open to external connections, and a contact person is available to provide you with information at any time.

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