I-Dika SRL

On 5 September 2019, Sogedim acquired I-Dika SRL, an international freight forwarder and logistics solutions provider based in Turin. Another garrison in northern Italy, which enriches the Sogedim brand in terms of quality and performance, expanding its distribution network with even faster connections.

Commercial activities on the territory are expanded with further benefits for companies.

In the flow of shipping and logistics activities, new product categories are added to the already wide range of sectors served by the Group, thanks to the important distribution circuit of wine & spirits, in Italy and in the world, and thanks to the network of relationships woven by I -Dika over the years with important fashion brands.

SINGLE partner for the shipment of wine, fashion items / accessories and all the material at the fair.

The Sogedim Group, already present on the international transport market since 1984, expands and today proposes an Italian exhibitor and fitters with a range of logistics and shipping solutions for even more rich and diversified fairs and events.

Sogedim evolves to achieve higher goals: we aim to offer solutions that are increasingly oriented to customizations and needs on demand and to offer even more numerous and diversified transport solutions, TERRESTRIAL, AIR AND MARITIME.

The two companies together account for over 100,000 square meters of logistics warehouses in Lombardy and Piedmont, 500,000 annual shipments for 4,500 customers with a turnover of over 50 million euros and over 200 employees connected.