Shipment tracking

Check the status of your shipment with a single click.
With Sogedim, your goods are never out of sight.


Our online trace-and-track system allows you to check the location and status of your shipment.

Reliable shipments that arrive on time

Our fool-proof tracking service offers easy online access through our specially designed, user-friendly interface.
As a truly global forwarder, it is vital that our clients are able to find out where in Italy, Europe or the rest of the world their goods are located, and be able to do so in real time.

Tracking international shipments

Our ONLINE TRACKING service is a powerful tool for verifying each phase of the shipping process in detail, from the date the shipment is registered to the date of departure, and on to confirmation that it has been delivered.
To set up an account and receive your login details (username and password) contact your dedicated Sogedim representative and follow their instructions.

Our tracking service is available for all transport and cargo combinations.


Discover the status of your shipment in real time with our tracking service

Tracking tools offer the most practical method for the client to identify the location and overall progress of its shipments at a specific point in time. This approach fits perfectly with our commitment to complete transparency in our dealings with our clients, who are always our number one priority.

In the event of a delay or other setback, our team of specialists is on hand to quickly find and implement a made-to-measure solution, potentially even adjusting the itinerary. The objective remains the same: getting your goods to their destination on time, whatever happens.