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Shipping by air

Sogedim’s air freight services are always secure and guaranteed. We guarantee our customers the highest quality with certification demonstrating compliance with UNI ISO 9001: 2015 standards establishing precise, rigorous working methods.

Technology and speed

Our staff is at your disposal at all times to answer your questions about international air freight rates, times and methods, guaranteeing maximum transparency and optimal service, and making Sogedim the trusted partner of the customers who entrust their goods to us.

We at Sogedim are always on the lookout for the latest new developments and technologies for improving our already efficient working methods, with the specific aim of eliminating the preparation time ahead of the actual air freight time.

We ship by air with the best aircraft, perfectly compliant with the strict regulations applying to this type of transport, to guarantee the speed, efficiency and quality of air freight transport.

Our company has IATA certification, qualifying us to ship hazardous goods by air, an important service implemented with the utmost care.

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Our vicinity to Malpensa is one of our strong points

With the specific goal of providing customers with a complete, dynamic service, we offer our customers numerous solutions for simplifying international air freight procedures and optimising service, such as delivery right to the destination or home airport.

To streamline the procedure of filling in customs documents, Sogedim offers a customs service with assistance at the airport during boarding and disembarkation procedures.


Compliance with UNI ISO 9001: 2008 standards


Shipment of hazardous goods by air


Support during boarding and disembarking


For even faster shipment

Guaranteed secure
international air freight at competitive prices

We pursue and achieve the goal of reducing shipping times through implementation of appropriate strategies. Shipment preparation time, for example, is shortened thanks to our own customs warehouse, allowing us to handle goods in stock ourselves.

Our customs warehouse is acknowledged as codes A3 and A4, permitting storage of goods for a limited time or for an unlimited time, respectively.

We at Sogedim have also come up with strategies for limiting parcel transit time; our proximity to Malpensa International Airport, for example, achieves two specific goals: reducing the time required for transport from our headquarters to the airport, and allowing us to use both direct flights and connections with daily departures to and from all the world’s airports, providing our customers with safe, rapid shipment services.

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