Our lines

We have operated fast, secure and professional road haulage, air and sea freight services in Europe and around the world for over 35 years, saving our clients a mountain of work in the process!

Fast, comprehensive freight services with dedicated client assistance for maximum convenience

From Germany, Switzerland and Sweden to Sicily, Spain and Turkey, our distribution network is one of the most comprehensive and far-reaching in Europe. Sogedim’s operations are integrated with all major international distribution networks. Long-standing partnerships all over the world mean we have a trusted partner wherever your clients may be, and can guarantee delivery to them within 48-72 hours.
With departures every day, several times a week or on a weekly basis depending on the destination, we can ship goods to all leading European and non-European countries.

Specifically, we offer the following types of international shipping:

  • Express shipping;
  • Groupage solutions;
  • LTL solutions;
  • FTL solutions;
  • Controlled temperature solutions;
  • ADR Shipping;
  • Trade exhibition services;

What sets us apart

Highly competitive pricing, comprehensive client assistance and just-in-time logistics services. Thanks to our comprehensive distribution network, we can deliver anywhere, covering all the major manufacturing and production centres across Europe.

Fast, secure shipping in Europe and beyond

Our extensive distribution network provides comprehensive geographical coverage and allows us to offer a range of different freight transportation solutions for your goods, although our industry-leading road haulage services remain the best option for shorter distances.

We ship everywhere, with regular daily connections to and from France (Lyon and Paris), Germany (Düsseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg), Switzerland and Spain (Barcelona) and multiple departures every week to and from Austria (Vienna), Belgium (Antwerp), Germany (Frankfurt, Osnabruck, Berlin and Kassel), the United Kingdom (London, Bristol, Manchester, Bradford and Glasgow), the Netherlands (Rotterdam), and a great many other destinations.

For more distant destinations, our clients can choose from our sea freight and air freight solutions. Whatever they choose, we guarantee a fast, efficient, secure and comprehensive service, with the cargo monitored across every phase of the process from collection to delivery.


Whatever your shipping needs, we will take care of your goods as though they were our own. CONTACT US TODAY!

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