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We have been in business for over 30 years, providing transport by land, sea and air in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world,
combining speed, security, skill and competence.

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your goods all over the world

We offer several solutions for shipping your products: for the closest destinations, you can rely on our land transport service using a tightly knit network of points of service and carriers in many European cities.

If the destination of your goods is farther away, you can choose to send them either by sea or by air. We guarantee a fast, safe and efficient service, in which the goods are tracked at all stages.

Shipping to Italy

We can ship any kind of merchandise to and from anywhere in Italy, including the islands. Here are some of the cities we serve: Ancona, Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Florence, Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Pescara, Rome, Turin, Trento, Venice, Verona, Udine.

How to ship abroad:
Sogedim in European nations

Ship anything you need to any of the major European and non-European markets thanks to our daily, weekly and multi-weekly shipping schedules (depending on destination)

Our services help you with all your international shipments, for imports and exports to and from the following countries: Austria (Vienna), Belgium (Antwerp), Belarus (Minsk), Bulgaria (Sofia), Denmark ( Copenhagen), Estonia (Tallinn), former Yugoslavian countries , Finland (Helsinki), France (Paris, Lyon), Germany (Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Osnabruck , Berlin), Great Britain (London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow), Greece (Athens), Ireland (Dublin, Belfast), Latvia (Riga), Lithuania (Vilnius), Malta (Valletta) , The Netherlands (Rotterdam), Poland (Warsaw, Katowice, Poznan), Portugal (Porto, Lisbon), Czech Republic (Prague), Romania (Bucharest), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg , Samara, Omsk, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid), Sweden (Gothenburg ), Switzerland, Turkey (Istanbul), Ukraine (Kiev), Hungary (Budapest).

Sogedim can reach any place in the world:
request a quote for the most distant destinations

We can reach any destination and guarantee fast, economical international shipment to any airport or commercial port in the world.

We will also help you to choose whether to ship by sea or by air: our staff will provide clarification of the modes, times and rates of international shipping by air or sea.

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Secure, rapid shipment in Europe

Daily connections are scheduled for France (Lyon, Paris), Germany (Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart), Switzerland (Basel, Chiasso, Geneva) and Spain (Barcelona).

Several connections a week are guaranteed for Austria (Vienna), Belgium (Antwerp), the former Yugoslavia, Germany (Frankfurt, Osnabruck, Berlin, Hamburg), Great Britain (London, Bristol, Manchester, Bradford, Glasgow), Holland (Rotterdam), Poland (Warsaw, Katowice, Poznan), Portugal (Porto, Lisbon), and the Czech Republic (Prague).

Regular weekly departures provide connections to medium to long-haul destinations with predetermined transit times: Belarus (Minsk), Bulgaria (Sofia), Denmark (Copenhagen), Estonia (Tallinn), Finland (Helsinki), Greece (Athens), Ireland (Dublin, Belfast), Latvia (Riga), Lithuania (Vilnius), Malta (La Valletta), Norway (Oslo), Romania (Bucharest), Russia (Moscow, St.Petersburg, Samara, Omsk, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg), Sweden (Gothenburg), Turkey (Istanbul), Ukraine (Kiev), and Hungary (Budapest).

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