Temperature-controlled shipping

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Sogedim: quality temperature-controlled shipping, guaranteed.

Sogedim offers specialised cold-chain logistics services for both the food and beverage and pharmaceutical sectors, with guaranteed shipping – including sea and air freight solutions – in Italy, Europe and around the world.

A combination of certified carriers, specialised multi-temperature warehouses (from +4° to -20°) and our own team of sector experts guarantees a trusted cold chain and reliable shipping that meets both our clients’ deadlines and all regulatory requirements.

By using only the most modern, technologically advanced vehicles, we ensure that fresh food products stay fresh (fruit and vegetables, cheese and meats, wine and beer, and much more) and that frozen products and pharmaceuticals are preserved in perfect condition.

Cheese shipping
Drug Pharmaceutical Chemicals shipping

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Temperature-controlled shipping for the food and beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors

Sogedim’s cold-chain logistics services include:

– Comprehensive solutions for any situation
– Door-to-door shipping
– Products kept within agreed temperature parameters
– Temperature monitored during all phases of shipping
– Specialist expertise and professional standards
– Expert assistance through every phase of the process

We guarantee a reliable cold chain for shipping perishable and frozen products in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.