Vision and strategy


As a leader in the sector, we are committed to establishing ourselves as a truly global freight forwarder, working to expand our network so we can fulfil any freight or logistics request our clients might bring to us.
Our philosophy of flexibility, constant growth and innovation now drives us to extend our business horizons to encompass new markets.

In pursuit of this vision, Sogedim has outlined a company strategy covering five principal areas of interest: our clients, growing our market, our partners, operational excellence and human resources.

A commitment to our clients

We offer transportation and logistics services of the highest quality while adhering to the principles of environmental sustainability, with some of the most competitive packages on the global market.

A commitment to continued growth

Sogedim actively pursues a strategy of ongoing expansion and development designed to ensure profitability and financial stability while remaining true to the values of ethical finance in its economic and financial dealings.

A commitment to our partners

We collaborate proactively with our partners to ensure that every aspect of the services we provide has been fine-tuned for optimal suitability and performance, and to ensure they have all the support they require.

A commitment to operational excellence

Sogedim implements an ISO 9001-compliant Quality Management System, taking care to ensure that it is applied, continuously, as much in spirit as in letter.
We are constantly evaluating our work processes in terms of ‘operational excellence’, which is essential if we are to achieve optimal levels of productivity and continue to offer a fast, reliable service at competitive prices. Sogedim works to revise its policies on an ongoing basis to ensure they keep pace with the evolution of the wider context in which we operate, while taking care to inform all stakeholders of this process. One thing that remains constant, however, is a business-wide commitment to recognising the underlying principles that contribute to better quality and putting them into practice.

A commitment to our people

We work hard to recruit, motivate and retain talented people, helping and encouraging them to develop their skills and resources in a secure and comfortable environment. Like a global family, the Sogedim team works together to drive the business forward in a spirit of enterprise, shared ambition and excellence.

The five areas of Sogedim Srl’ s corporate strategy


Central to our business model is the provision of a user-friendly, complete service solution, that simplifies the management of freight and logistics operations, along with comprehensive, professional support, in line with regulatory requirements.


“Questioning yourself is the best way to understand others. Teamwork has a strategic importance for us, the capacity for cooperation is the fuel that allows ordinary people to find themselves uncommon.”

General manager - Fabio Canovi

Fabio Canovi
General manager
& co-founder

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