Transportation of express Freight

Transport on pallets: a safe transport solution

Express day and night cargo service provider throughout Italy and Europe. Entrusted to Sogedim for safe transport

As a further guarantee of speed and punctuality of the service, from 1 September 2021 Sogedim is the national and international HUB of Palletways, leading specialist in the offer of express transport on pallets, with over 40,000 pallets delivered per day throughout Europe and 11,000 pallets a day in Italy.

In synergy with this primary network actively present in 24 European countries for the distribution of goods on pallets, we offer a daily express pallet service throughout the national and international territory with two service modes, ECONOMY and PREMIUM.

The shipping service with pallets. Pallet deliveries for Sogedim customers means:

  • quality deliveries;
  • advanced monitoring;
  • great transport flexibility;
  • great availability of circuits and vehicles;
  • save time and money;
  • wide choice of road freight transport solutions on pallets;
  • national and international transport of goods on pallets;
  • Palletways HUB, a globally recognized brand.

We provide freight forwarding services on pallet for all categories of goods, and in particular:

Quality express transport in amazing times.

We will be able to meet your needs at an absolutely competitive price.

Sogedim is a partner of Palletways Italia

Our warehouse, open 24 hours a day, is the Palletways Hub in northern Italy! First express transport network for palletized goods.

Palletways Italia is the first express transport network specialized in the palletized goods handling in Italy, with an extensively covering network throughout the national territory.

The Palletways circuit, of which we are exclusive distributor in Northern Italy, allows freight forwarders like us more efficient delivery methods and easy for both outgoing and incoming goods.

Urgent Deliveries and Palletized Goods Shipping for companies and SMEs in 24 hours!

All the operations of the service concerning the distribution of palletized goods guarantee reliability, high competence and promptness.

The ADVANTAGES for the customer are many, first of all the presence of a unique player to rely on each shipment phase.


Express transport on pallets made efficient by a consolidated network, excellent value for money and Just in Time deliveries in Italy and abroad.


Thanks to the online Track & Trace you can follow the status of the deliveries at any time, from the beginning of the shipment to the final delivery. The shipment is always tracked and monitored.


Maximum security for you aimed to deliver the goods in line at the scheduled times. Our team is available to answer any questions and offer you peace of mind at all times.


We satisfy requests for generic and specific road transport thanks to keen and customized ECONOMY and PREMIUM services and a wide choice of solutions for shipping goods on pallets.