Our story

Sogedim’s story is a tale of expertise, hard work and passion that has seen us grow
from a small local company to a leading force in the global freight and logistics market.

An all-Italian success

Strategic investment over the years in personnel, facilities, new technologies and innovative solutions has allowed Sogedim to go from strength to strength.
Today, Sogedim is an independent company specialising in Italy-wide and international freight and integrated logistics. Based in the industrial heartland of Milan and with over 35 years’ experience in the sector, Sogedim is the ideal partner for efficient, reliable, made-to-measure logistics and shipping solutions.
Today, we can look back with pride at over three decades of passion, professionalism and hard work, having built a brand that is recognised and respected throughout our sector.

Our challenge for the new millennium

Yesterday Milan … tomorrow the world: with years of experience in the field, we now step forward into a new millennium ready to tackle the challenge of a globalised marketplace with our unrivalled expertise in logistics, covering road, air and sea freight.


1984 -A small company is established specialising in transportation for the textile industry in and around Milan. The first warehouse has just 50 m² of floor space!
1989 -The company expands its operations, delivering goods in textile-related sectors (chemicals, machinery, etc.) and extending its services and network of agents into central and southern Italy.
1991 -As it continues to grow, the business rebrands itself as Srl (an acronym derived from “società per la gestione e la distribuzione merci” – literally, “company for the management and distribution of goods”)
1992 -The company builds its first distribution and storage facility at Bernate Ticino near Milan. This marks its first steps into the field of logistics.
1993 becomes a multimodal forwarder introducing its innovative road-and-rail freight service that connects the north with the south of Italy.
1994 pushes into the United Kingdom, becoming one of the first multimodal forwarders to take advantage of the Eurotunnel shuttle service. At the same time, road truck services were also created and developed.
1997 develops its in-house quality management system; fully compliant with European regulations, it earns UNI EN ISO 9001 accreditation before the end of the year.
2002 acquires a 37,000 m² site at Inveruno near Milan. The company is awarded a prize by the Lombardy Region in recognition of its achievements.
2004 -As the EU continues to expand, so too do the company’s operations outside Italy as it forms new partnerships and launches new groupage routes.
2007 -The company moves its operations to the new logistics centre at Inveruno of 11,000 m2 and 50 loading bays.
2008 -Sogedim launches a new division dedicated to air and sea freight. becomes an IATA agent and is to all effects a global logistics operator.
2012 -The company acquires an unused industrial estate in Mesero, west of Milan.
2015 -Construction of the Mesero logistics center of 30,000 m2 and 100 loading bays ends.
2016 -The company launches its Temperature Controlled Transport Division and opens its cold storage sortation centre in Santo Stefano Ticino.
2017 -Work begins on expanding the logistics facility in Mesero. In the same year, Sogedim acquires RuhrExpress, a company that specialises in groupage freight to and from Germany and services for international trade events.
2019 -New satellite sites are opened at Ossona, Cassinetta di Lugagnano and Busto Garolfo.
2019 - September acquires I-Dika SpA, an historic transport & logistics company based in Turin, thus expanding the transport services to wine and clothing. New tax warehouse and excise management.
2021 -The new Mesero2 warehouse opens with 50,000m2 and 50 loading bays and becomes the national and international hub of the Palletways network.
2023 is the first in Europe to adopt Mettler Toledo's TLD970 dynamic pallet sizing system, which integrates weighing and sizing operations in a single stage of the process.
2023 -On 1 June 2023, the Group's Food & Beverage area expands, Sogedim takes over the food division by road transport of temperature-controlled and frozen products of Italian DB Schenker, further strengthening the network.
2023 - July -Sogedim SpA becomes a joint-stock company.
2024 -Sogedim SpA opens in Corbetta the largest refrigerated warehouse in the north-west of Milan, multi-cell and multi-temperature, multi-certified and self-powered by solar panels.
CEO - Emauele Codazzi

Emanuele Codazzi
CEO & Founder