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Our history

Ours is the history of a company whose growth and success have been driven by dedication and a professional attitude, growing year after year thanks to the excellent standards of its services. From one of many small firms in Lombardy, we have grown to provide services all over the world.

It all started in 1984

Our story began in 1984: from a small shipping company specialising in the textile industry, in 1985 we extended our range of shipping services from the area in and around Milan to the entire region. From 1986 to 1991, our investments focussed on new partnerships with a few regional forwarders in the northeast and northwest of Italy, until we grew to cover all of northern Italy.

1989 was a year of change, when new textile-related markets (chemical and mechanical industries) made their appearance, and our network of agents and services branched out into central and southern Italy. It was in 1991 that our company really came of age: the company’s ownership reached its final form and it was renamed (società per la gestione e la distribuzione merci).

One of the best times in our history was 1994 to 1997, when, driven by increasing experience and a tried and tested service management organisation, we started to develop our approach to intermodal freight transport and expanded as far as the United Kingdom. We can proudly say we were among the first in the industry to use the Eurotunnel under the Channel, with shuttles going as far as the United Kingdom. 1997 was also the year we certified our working processes. Sogedim now implements a quality system based on European standards, and in that year it received UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification.

Meanwhile, our company expanded with new facilities, new areas and new vehicles in its home region. A new area, the new logistics centre in Inveruno, just outside Milan, covers over 37,000 square metres. Our dedication earned us an important prize from the Region of Lombardy, proof that our efforts and entrepreneurial skills are built on sound grounds.

New achievements and new investments between 2002 and 2013 provided increasingly professional logistics and shipping services. New domestic and international services were added to a network of reliable professional agents all over Italy and Europe. The relentless evolution of the shipping world saw us play a major role as partners of important Italian and international networks. In 2013, Sogedim became the northern Italian hub of OneExpress, a pallet

An all-Italian story

Over time, our shipping company has made huge progress through well-considered investments and a great passion for our work. Nowadays, we look back at the important milestones we have achieved in the logistics industry, in a world dominated by multinational corporations.


Our challenge in the third millennium

The first few years of the third millennium find us ready to face globalisation in logistics, as well as in domestic and international shipment by road, by sea and by air.

From our premises… to anywhere in Europe: not just the classic European trade channels, for we now have a far-ranging network covering the entire continent.

Find out more about our history,
combining professional standards with a great passion for our work

1984 -A small shipping company is founded specialising in shipments for the textile industry in and around Milan. Our first warehouse was just 50 square metres!
1985 -The company expands its shipping services for the textile industry from the area in and around Milan to the entire region.
1986 -By contracting its services out to regional forwarders in the northeast and northwest Italy, the company extends its shipping services from Milan to the rest of northern Italy.
1989 -It extends its services to other textile-related industries (chemical, mechanical) and expands its network of agents and services into central and southern Italy.
1991 -The company keeps expanding, its ownership takes its final form, and it is renamed srl (società per la gestione e la distribuzione merci).
1992 -It builds its first sorting and storage platform at Bernate Ticino (Milan). This is how the first logistics services were born.
1993 -Sogedim becomes a multimodal freight forwarder as it launches its innovative intermodal road + rail haulage shipping service.
1994 -Sogedim extends as far as the United Kingdom and becomes one of the very first multimodal forwarders to use the Eurotunnel shuttles.
1996 -In addition to its combined road + rail transport service, Sogedim organises and develops groupage road freight transport services to and from the United Kingdom.
1997 -Sogedim develops a quality system according to European standards, and in that year it receives UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification.
2002 -Sogedim buys a 37,000 square metre area in Inveruno (Milan). The company receives an award from the Region of Lombardy for its achievements.
2004 -With the enlargement of the EU, the company continues its international expansion, engaging in partnerships and groupage freight transport services
2006 -The Inveruno logistics centre begins to be built: it takes 8 months to complete.
2007 -The company moves into the new logistics centre in Inveruno.
2008 -It opens a new line of business, shipment by sea and air. Sogedim is now a veritable international logistics company.
2011 -Sogedim opens a 5000 square metre warehouse in Cassinetta (I-20087), for logistics management of paramedical products.
2012 -It takes over a prominent unused 6-hectare industrial centre in Mesero (Milan).
2013 -Sogedim becomes the domestic Hub of OneExpress, a pallet shipment network.
2015 -January: all cross-docking operations are relocated to new terminal in Mesero.
2017 -The Mesero logistic centre is designed and built; it now has over 100 loading bays and 30,000 square metres of indoor warehouse space.

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