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A tight-knit team… the human face of Sogedim brand

As a fast-growing brand, Sogedim seeks out and cultivates promising professionals, providing a clear breakdown of each person’s responsibilities and ensuring they are given meaningful tasks from the moment they join us. Within the wider team, the work of each department is guided by the company’s overarching values, although individual initiative is welcomed and rewarded.

Lavorare per SOGEDIM significa operare in maniera proattiva, veloce e responsabile

Interested in joining us?

Every member of the Sogedim team is expected to work proactively, quickly and professionally. An integral part of our identity, today and going forward, is a philosophy shared by every member of Sogedim staff founded on attention to detail, a passion for innovation, and focus on the client.

Just as Sogedim works to provide its clients with a wider and more varied range of solutions across different sectors, it is also working to improve itself. This means recruiting to expand the range of talent at our disposal and, thus, the variety of opportunities we can offer.

Choose a career guided by shared values and principles.

Sogedim is a dynamic, growing business and we are always looking for talented individuals to join our staff. Write to us today. You might be just the person we are looking for!

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