Improve your warehousing logistics and increase your productivity.
Reduce warehousing costs and free up more resources to develop your business.
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Structured support from a specialised partner

We offer concrete benefits for any company that requires specialised, structured support in managing the handling of their goods and products. With years of proven expertise, we offer reliable and comprehensive logistics and freight services based on industry leading technologies, with solutions for any requirement or situation.

We have our own facility covering 40,000 m², with 150 fully equipped loading docks and shelving for over 25,000 load units and an extensive sorting and picking-and-packing area. The facility is protected, inside and out, by a tested video surveillance system that is constantly monitored by the security team.

Complete logistics and freight management solutions

Sogedim can carry out an analysis of existing facilities with a view to working with the client to design optimal logistics flows in terms of rationalising systems, speeding up turnaround and reducing costs. All our experience and expertise is placed at the disposal of the client for restructuring their warehousing set-up and improving their shipping and logistics options.

In practical terms, when it comes to managing freight and logistics for our client companies, we can also offer our own specialised facilities that have themselves been optimised in terms of goods storage and handling, and protected by 24h video surveillance.

Improve logistics performance and increase productivity, with Sogedim

Our consultancy services offer clients an overview of their existing logistics set-up, with a view to improving structures and systems in every phase of their freight and logistics operations. Sogedim’s team of specialists will analyse your current logistics flows, tools and facilities and suggest improvements and adjustments to encourage internal synergies and improve the quality and efficiency of the services you offer to your own clients, leaving you with an optimal operational model that will save you time and money.

Computer-aided warehousing solutions

When it comes to goods handling and management, storage and warehousing is one of the most important phases. With Sogedim, all warehousing operations are managed using a cutting-edge computer system that is able to coordinate stock positioning, labelling, picking and handling processes directly by issuing instructions and messages to operators in real time.

By using the latest technology, we are able to monitor and manage the flow of goods continuously through every phase of the handling operation. Barcode and remote, radio-frequency control systems help to ensure the full traceability of every handling phase going forward.

To guarantee the safety and security of the goods in our care, we have a range of storage areas that have been designed to offer optimal storage and handling operations and round-the-clock video surveillance.

Finally, our industry-leading Warehouse Management System is capable of interfacing with the clients’ own systems for the purposes of sharing information on incoming and outgoing flows of goods and materials, and currently warehoused stocks.

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Reduce your logistics costs

One of Sogedim’s greatest strengths is our ability to analyse logistics processes and identify efficient systems that use as little of the client’s resources as possible. Managing logistics costs also means optimising the use of warehousing space through storage systems that make optimal use of the vertical space available and not just the volumes and floor area.

Our computer systems also help us to identify ways to save time and resources going forward by constantly improving the way each client’s goods are handled. And we refuse to rest on our laurels. Despite all the processes and improvements we have already implemented, we are constantly on the lookout for new methods and systems to invest in, so we can offer an ever better service to our clients.

Logistics and goods handling expertise

Sogedim has put all of its experience and expertise into its logistics management services. By analysing your existing set-up, we are able to map out an optimised model that will create tangible improvements in your goods and materials flows.
Our expert team works quickly and professionally, aided by the latest logistics management technologies, to develop precision solutions that ensure your goods are handled with the utmost care and efficiency.

Quality management

Our services are subject to stringent and clearly defined quality management criteria. Our quality management systems cover every aspect of service delivery, from working with the client to create personalised interfaces, to the use of advanced management technologies.
Even the way we organise our warehousing space in response to peaks in demand is governed by the quality standards that underpin our reputation for reliability. By adhering to these standards, we are able to fulfil every obligation or commission we agree with our clients, within agreed times and reaching agreed KPIs.


Another great source of pride for Sogedim is its advanced tracking service. Using the latest technology, we are able to monitor the status of each phase of handling and shipping from receipt to delivery, and keep the client informed as it progresses. The tracking service starts the moment we receive the goods, when our system registers the booking in real time.

From that moment forward, every action is recorded by the operator and entered on the system, allowing us to track every phase in the handling process from picking and packaging to sealing and hand-over to the carrier. For jobs that include shipping, the tracking service follows the whole operation, tracing the progress of the consignment until it reaches its destination. The service can also display the actual POD, for extra confirmation that the delivery has been successful.

Next-level services

For Sogedim, the client comes first. This is why we are always working to take our services to the next level, with additional features such as dedicated client support operators, who are on hand to provide information and resolve problems that might arise.
Our client assistance services do not end with our support team, however: we also provide special POS displays, stands, packaging and personalised packing tape and many other options to help you make the most of your goods. Customised options are available on request as part of our logistics support services; indeed, whatever you need, we can make it happen quickly and just the way you want it.

Warehouse security

In logistics operations, keeping goods safe is of vital importance. This is why the goods entrusted to us are held in dedicated facilities and subject to stringent security measures, with a 24h video-surveillance network linked to an alarm system.
Our security measures also include staffed entrances and a restricted area that can only be accessed using a numeric passcode. Particularly valuable goods are stored in special secure rooms. For complete peace of mind, we can also arrange comprehensive insurance cover.

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