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Third among exporters and fourth among manufacturers, Italy is the undisputed leader on the world machine tool scene. Even for companies CEE and extra CEE, there are interesting data from the import point of view.

If we consider the Italian need to modernize and update large-scale production structures and processes with a view to circular economy, the revival of investments started in the last five years has recovered its driving force, and this marks a plus for the industry.


Excellent numbers for Italian companies that export machinery and plants. The recovery in Italy is encouraging and more lively than other traditional markets.
Sogedim is a reliable partner of the most important companies operating nationally and internationally.
We customize requests by agreeing on the place of collection, the method and location for delivery, the times, the security measures to safeguard the load. Contact us now for more information!

Certified transport for heavy and general industrial machinery

Sogedim arrays experienced staff in the transport management of any weight and volume industrial machinery, in shape: we are equipped to ship both large and even small plants.

Are you a company interested in the transport associated to bankruptcy/restructuring industrial machines? Would you need to ship fragile materials such as large industrial chillers, transformers, large electric motors, water treatment plants, foundry equipment such as industrial furnaces?

Your goods will always be subjected to strict controls at all stages of the logistics process. If you have an interest in growing on the Foreign market, find now the fastest, safest and most complete transport solution for your industrial plants and tools.


Choose the most comfortable, safe and cost-effective solution

Our added value for companies

Sogedim assists every phase of the handling of goods for the transport of heavy industrial machinery and standard trailers. Sogedim supports the import / export traffic of companies with a personalized service on the type of industrial and merchandise request, of any industry that needs to transport, quickly and safely, machinery, systems, components, equipment used in factories and industrial instruments of various types.

There are several factors that make ours one of the best road freight forwardinf service of industrial machinery:

  • complete and timely shipments by qualified and experienced staff;
  • guarantee of maximum safety also on industrial components of reduced volume and weight;
  • solutions proposed at highly competitive rates;
  • professional, multilingual and well-trained staff;
  • active tracking for real-time monitoring of goods;
  • transport of pallets in groupage or in FTL/LTL;
  • dedicated and express loads.

Industrial Machinery and machine tool 2020 – 2021: industry trends

Main machine tool manufacturers in 2018

(Data in millions of Euros)

China 19.865 (-8,5%)
Germany 12.730 (+7,8%)
Japan 11.258 (+7,2%)
Italy 6.125 (+11,5%)
USA 5.267 (+1,9%)
South Korea 4.477 (+1,2%)
Taiwan 3.980 (+4,8%)
Switzerland 3.260 (+12,0%)

Main machine tool consumers in 2018

(Data in millions of Euros)

China 24.649 (-7,1%)
USA 8.160 (+8,5%)
Germany 6.880 (+15,6%)
Japan 4.310 (+9,0%)
Italy 4.294 (+16,2%)
South Korea  3.338 (-5,7%)
India 2.795 (+41,4%)
Mexico 1.882 (-11,5%)

The tables speak clearly. The turnover of the Italian machine tool industry rises: with a 2019 turnover of ten billion euros, the Italian machine tool industry looks to new horizons.

Ucimu data on the Oxford Economics surveys estimate the recovery of machine tool consumption from the beginning of 2021. The demand in Italy will grow by 31% to over 3.5 billion euros. Europe will also show liveliness, increasing consumption by 19%, which will reach 18 billion euros. Asia, with China in the lead, will regain lost momentum, marking an increase in demand of 35% to 34 billion, as well as America which will make 31% more investments than in 2020.

After the forced blockade, companies resumed with investments in production 4.0 technologies and automation systems, without neglecting additive manufacturing, robots, automation, big data, cyber security, cloud computing.

Trasporto macchinari e impianti 3

Industrial machinery and plants shipments. The advantages with us


Warehouse H24. Reference hub for all companies in northern Italy for the speed and punctuality of the service offered. Courtesy and kindness, experts always at your service.


Consolidated network. We can offer several solutions to meet our customers’ requests for both the national and international markets thanks to a strong network of correspondents and partners.


Goods in safety. Our vehicles are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to the surveillance and monitoring system, so as to ensure maximum quality and safety for the transport of your goods, under control at all times.


Specialized staff. Our staff  has the capacity to carry out all of the transport activities safely by land, by sea or air anywhere in the world. Based on the type of goods, weight and peculiar characteristics, our staff will work to offer you a specialized service at the best conditions, wherever you want.

Your plants, machinery, robots and automation components are in good hands. Even at the fair

We meet the needs of Italian exhibitors as a UNIQUE partner for the shipment of machine tools (removal, deformation), robots, digital manufacturing and automation, enabling technologies, subcontracting and / or other material intended for the fair.