Intermodal freight transport

The intermodal option for when you need more flexibility

By combining road and rail transport options, intermodal services make it possible to move goods of any type more quickly and optimise the delivery timeframe.

Combined road-and-rail services harness the benefits of both forms of transport by avoiding restrictions on night-time and weekend travel.

Intermodal transportation - Sogedim


Our intermodal service sees daily departures by rail from Busto Arsizio, Milan and Novara and covers international and major subnational routes within Europe’s principal economic areas. There are two formats available:

MULTIMODAL TRANSPORTATION, with connections from Novara to Fribourg and from Busto Arsizio to Hamburg, and INTERMODAL TRANSPORTATION using swap bodies, containers or trailers that are loaded directly on to trains at Busto Arsizio.

Prioritising value and the environment: green transport solutions

Sogedim has embraced a policy of environmental sustainability that is designed to help to guarantee a cleaner, safer future for the world. Much of the Group’s attention is now focused on delivering low-impact transport services that can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, atmospheric pollution and the quantity of heavy traffic on the roads.

We guarantee the efficient integration of road and multimodal services, while meeting the overall standards demanded by the client from the warehouse to the final destination.

For our multimodal services, we work with a network of carefully selected transport professionals who guarantee the highest standards in their work.

All this means that, today, across our multimodal network, we can count on a range of versatile transport options and reliable, trusted partners. In the hands of Sogedim, this translates into an unbeatable service.

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