Brand identity

Group Identity - Sogedim


Our mission

Across our routes we are second to none!
Rapid and reliable transportation and delivery solutions for all types of cargo and all destinations. We have made it our mission to manage, handle and transport your goods with unrivalled care and efficiency.

Our vision

Discovering new routes to offer you and your freight the quickest path from A to B.
With over 35 years’ of experience and industry expertise, we are always on hand to assist you, whatever happens. As leading provider of integrated transportation and logistics services covering the entire globe, Sogedim has been carefully structured to be able to handle any request and complete any delivery.

Our philosophy

Keeping our clients and partners satisfied is central to everything we do. Due to this philosophy, we are committed to operating in a way that is:

  • Customer-centric, offering quality services and rapid solutions that generate value for the client;
  • Participatory, prizing effective collaboration between our employees and those of our partners;
  • Aware of the importance of measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of organisational and production processes to ensure all evaluations are made on the basis of objective data;
  • Flexible, with a view to offering the client the best possible solution based on an optimised evaluation of its specific requirements in terms of cargo type, the geographical areas involved and type of distribution network, with carriers and suppliers selected ad hoc for each individual case;
  • Sustainable and satisfactory in terms of cost and transit timescales;
  • Low risk, to ensure the client’s goods are delivered as safely and securely as possible;

Clear, simple, efficient solutions

Our trusted logistics and transportation solutions allow our clients to focus on their core business with total peace of mind.


People are at the heart of our business … and our success.
Our new tagline from the start of 2019, Smart People. Smart Freight, perfectly captures the essence of the company’s image, identity and values.
Every one of our staff members aspires to the same, exacting standards of service and is willing to go the extra mile to fulfil our commitments, facing the many challenges inherent to the freight and logistics industry with a positive, professional attitude, every day, without exception.


Trust, teamwork, win-win, excellence, respectful, professionalism, speed, responsibility, transparency, openness, detail-oriented.

Tone of voice

Effectively the personality of the brand, our ‘tone of voice’ colours how our messages and marketing communications come across: reliable, punctual, energetic, ambitious, polite, loyal, practical, realistic, decisive, direct, rigorous, professional, responsible, flexible, responsive, enthusiastic, imaginative, determined, daring.

Video Corporate Sogedim 2022

The new corporate video describes the way how the worldwide freight forwarder Sogedim plans, operates and monitor international transports solutions. Sogedim offers Italian and foreign industry wide and diversified transport solutions, by land, sea, air and rail.

“Come and visit us!
You will find a commitment and a devotion in doing our work that is unparalleled.

CEO - Emauele Codazzi

Emanuele Codazzi
CEO & Founder
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