Eco-friendly Sogedim app: for an improved supply chain efficiency

Sogedim chooses a technological solution that strengthens the quality of the transport service
Environmental sustainability is now an important value also inside companies. It is to support businesses towards an eco-friendly lifestyle that Sogedim chooses a greener approach with a technological solution that further strengthens the quality of the transport service offered. Paperless! Easy, good for better environment and people lives. In favor of digitization Sogedim supports the...

Sogedim on air at the First Digital Sim Cargo Event

Virtual appointment for Sogedim which, alongside the other freight forwarding affiliates of the SimCargo network promoter of the initiative, will participate in its first fully digital international trade fair on 18.09.2020. The exhibition stands, inside the virtual exhibition hall, allow exhibitors to present their own transport and logistics commercial offer, through spaces and communication materials...

Italian export speeds up in Turkey

"Fighting the economic crisis with Made in Italy exports" is possible for Italian companies interested in Turkey Break into the Turkish market or consolidating the positions reached over the years is a real opportunity for Italian companies involved in international transport to and from Turkey. Sogedim, with many years of experience in road transport from...

Open all summer 2020

International transport with Sogedim EXPORT: services will be regular until August 11th and will restart from August 25th. IMPORT: services will be regular until August 7th and will restart from August 25th. In the central weeks of August, connections will be reduced and not on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact us for...

General transport strike on 24 and 25 October 2019

According to what reported in the calendar of the Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti, for the days of 24 and 25 October 2019 a general strike was called by the following trade unions: SGB (Sindacato Generale di Base), CUB (Confederazione Unitaria di Base), USI-CIT (Unione Sindacale Italiana) and COBAS. The air strike will last...

Open all summer 2019

Transport operations during August 2019. Our transport service will be slightly reduced during weeks 32, 33, 34. Nevertheless our operational staff will always be available for any peculiar need. Our Temperature controlled service will continue on a regular basis all August without interruptions (including departures on Friday 16.08). Please feel free to contact us at...

Transport Logistic 2019: thanks to everybody! It was a great event!

Si è conclusa con successo la fiera della logistica dei trasporti a Monaco! Altissima l’affluenza allo stand. Presso la Hall A5, Stand 105, Sogedim ha presentato la propria gamma di soluzioni di trasporto e logistica. All'obiettivo primario del potenziamento della propria rete si aggiungono l'ottimizzazione del livello di servizio, una maggiore efficienza delle operazioni logistiche,...

Sogedim, the logistics of beauty

Per preparare una spedizione di profumi e cosmetici meglio affidarsi a chi ha i requisiti per farlo in sicurezza

Comprehensive solutions for coordinating the transportation and delivery of cosmetics and perfumery products. Logistics solutions continue to have an increasing impact on the overall turnover of companies in the chemical industry. They are no less important in the cosmetics industry but need to be managed with a particular level of care. More than any other,…