At the stroke of midnight on 31 of October this year (or before), the United Kingdom may cease to be part of the European Union. Unless an agreement governing the transition can be reached in the meantime, Britain’s departure from the single market will have serious repercussions for the freight transportation sector.

Currently, Italy’s annual sales of goods and services to Great Britain amount to over 24 billion euros, which represents 5% of its total exports. Understandably, Sogedim has established numerous shipping routes to and within the United Kingdom, with bilateral agreements with leading agents in multiple cities, London in particular.

Sogedim’s first involvement with the British markets came in 1993. Since then, it has resolutely remained the leading force in freight transportation between Italy and the United Kingdom. Indeed, it has consolidated its position over the intervening three decades, developing an extensive network of routes, with multiple connections every week to and from London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford and Glasgow.

The crucial thing at this point in time is not to leave anything to chance. The company has therefore set itself the target of securing its level of operations in the United Kingdom and ensuring the continuity of a rapid, secure and efficient service.

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In preparation for 31 October 2019, Sogedim has already set in motion a series of precautionary measures. Specifically, these include:

  • A comprehensive training programme for company personnel including an extensive study of freight licensing requirements to ensure operations are not interrupted;
  • Securing the necessary AEO certification;
  • Refresher training for all teams responsible for dealing with customs procedures and regulations;
  • Employing more specialists to provide advice and tailored assistance to companies that require clarifications or find themselves in difficulty;
  • Increasing storage capacity at our bonded facilities for freight between ITALY and the UK;
  • Reviewing all commercial and financial aspects of the company’s road haulage operations;

To date, the provision of partial load, groupage and full load road haulage options to and from the United Kingdom has remained fairly predictable. Flows have not changed significantly, nor has there been any real indication from the United Kingdom of the changes that are about to happen.

By establishing new collaborative arrangements with local operators in different strategic areas of the United Kingdom, Sogedim has been able to optimise its freight export operations by implementing faster, better-coordinated processes. These same factors mean that the group is already well placed to manage operations in the event of emergency measures.

All outbound freight operations, from drop-off at the storage facility to onward transportation and delivery will continue to be carried out securely and on schedule at every phase. As such, there is no likelihood of the relationships between Sogedim and its partners being compromised.

For Sogedim, the customer always comes first. Regardless of any legal implications Brexit may have for transportation and logistics services, given that nothing significant has happened so far, we continue to operate as normal.

To support its clients during this period of uncertainty, Sogedim, as a Certified International Specialist, is constantly monitoring the entire process to ensure it is up-to-date with any changes to existing conditions and pre-empt any issues that might affect transportation operations. A task force of international freight specialists has been set up to help minimise the repercussions of the UK’s exit from the EU on the supply chain.

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