Per preparare una spedizione di profumi e cosmetici meglio affidarsi a chi ha i requisiti per farlo in sicurezza

Comprehensive solutions for coordinating the transportation and delivery of cosmetics and perfumery products.

Logistics solutions continue to have an increasing impact on the overall turnover of companies in the chemical industry. They are no less important in the cosmetics industry but need to be managed with a particular level of care. More than any other, the cosmetics sector requires that storage, distribution and packaging solutions are designed and implemented ad hoc to ensure the products are properly protected and reach their destination in perfect condition.

Indeed, the very nature of make-up, perfume, skin-care, hair-care and other cosmetics products requires greater levels of safety, security and environmental protection during the operations of storage and handling.

Sogedim’s integrated logistics services.

Enabling the safe, secure, efficient and delay-free management of all the supply chain – from supplier to storage and on to the end client – by addressing the specific requirements of all the different distribution channels involved in the cosmetics sector: supermarkets, drugstores, pharmacies, trade clients, cosmetics and make-up specialists (from independent stores to regional and nation-wide chains) and online retailers.

Sogedim logistics solutions are sustainable and competitive in the longer term. To achieve this the company follows a strict set of best practices that ensure goods are handled safely and with maximum care. Sogedim personnel undergo ongoing training to keep them up to date with changes in the regulations, and ensure they are always prepared to manage any form of unexpected event or emergency. Every aspect of the company is set up to ensure a smooth, coordinated and uninterrupted logistics service, regardless of the rises and drops in demand that tend to affect this sector at certain times of year (for example, in the case of sun-care products) or changes to ADR regulations.

ADR transportation and handling of perfumes and cosmetics products.

Sogedim-logistica-profumi-cosmetici-2Perfumes, by definition, are flammable blends of liquid, meaning that they are subject to very specific directives in terms of how they are packaged and transported. Specifically, these activities are governed by the “European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road”, which is known by the abbreviation ADR (from the title in French). Not only are perfumes flammable, they also tend to be packaged in glass bottles or aluminium spray cans, items that in logistics terms fall into the category of fragile goods and goods subject to limited quantities regulations.

Specifically, perfumery products are classified as class 3 dangerous goods with the UN ID number 1266 and are grouped into two risk categories, “medium risk” and “low risk”. With an established presence throughout its area of operations, and years of experience in the field, Sogedim has the expertise to deliver the most suitable mode of transportation for any type, size and weight of freight.

Advanced supply chain technologies

Given the above, it is clear that companies in the cosmetics sector need an expert provider with the capacity to manage all aspects of their logistics requirements to the highest standard – including certification and risk assessment – to ensure their products are handled with maximum care. When you are dealing with solutions and blends that include one or more dangerous components, the adoption of a technologically advanced supply chain is essential.

Sogedim has implemented controlled access technologies and a 24h video surveillance at its facilities, with a direct link-up to the operations control centre. Its warehouses are equipped to receive different types of cargo, from raw materials to finished products.

Sogedim is particularly careful to handle the risks associated with the storage and transportation of cosmetic products, another factor that makes it the ideal logistics partner even for companies that require tailored solutions. Our logistics resources and expertise represent one of our key strengths, and allow the Sogedim Logistics Division to offer a broad range of services that are suitable for all forms of cosmetics product, a category that involves an array of different transportation and handling challenges.

Core logistics services:

Sogedim is structured to offer the following services:

  • Receipt of goods and assistance with all aspects of inbound logistics;
  • Storage and placement on shelving or floor;
  • Consignment collection, receipt and management;
  • Pick and pack services;
  • Packing, packaging and customisation;
  • Preparing goods for transportation;
  • Stock management;

Value added services.

Non-core services offered by Sogedim include: Repackaging – Kit assembly– Elimination of supplier labelling and relabelling according to end-client requirements – Palletisation according to end-client requirements – Dedicated in-house customer service team.

E-commerce: more than ever the driver of choice

Purchasing perfumes, cosmetics and care products online is a normal part of life. Sogedim is aware that online sales are set to grow consistently in the cosmetics sector; indeed, an ever-increasing proportion of consumers are turning to online shopping, drawn not only by lower prices but also by the convenience and time savings it offers. Whether it is a case of delivering online purchases, simple storage requirements, assembly of kits or point-of-sale displays, sooner or later you will need to find a logistics provider who can take care of stock management, storage and transportation in a way that meets you and your customers’ timescales and other requirements, drawing on all of the tricks of the trade to provide effective, trouble-free solutions.

Sogedim offers a comprehensive range of services, from simple “packing” to more complex packaging and relabelling operations, making it the ideal partner for brands looking to personalise their cosmetics before they reach the end market.



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