Freight forwarding in China

Sogedim follows every stage of the shipment of your goods from China to Italy, as a unique partner for your business

Freight forwarding Italy - China

Despite restrictions and delays still due to Covid 19, shipping demand from China is high and rising. From the latest General Administration of Customs of China data, the total value of China’s imports from January to July 2021 has increased significantly over the corresponding period in 2020.

Recent data released by Chinese Customs show exports increasing on an annual basis by 0.5%, to 291.93 billion dollars, therefore positive.


Sogedim’s new rail service will get your business moving along the Silk Road

Rail transport has massive potential. Discover the advantages of shipping BY TRAIN from/to China

Train transport is an excellent solution for importing goods from China but also for exports to China since the new PREMIUM DRAGON SERVICE service is active.
If you are a company accustomed to trading goods with China, the proposal for rail transport, while attractive, may have caused you some concern about the timeframe involved, which is generally pretty slow.
Well, this will not happen with Sogedim, as you have the guarantee of an Italian and international leading freight forwarder who will do its utmost to provide you with a winning transport experience and an effective, secure service.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about your best transport solution:


Importing Exporting China by train with a premium express service: PREMIUM DRAGON SERVICE

Iron Silk Road Dragon Service - Sogedim Srl

The import express service from China and export service to China by train, PREMIUM DRAGON SERVICE, were created to simplify and cope with a complex situation. Thanks to the efficient combination of our road and rail services, your goods will be able to reach any destination on time, with significantly reduced shorter transit times than those of road and sea.

Chengdu, Chongqing, Xian e Zhengzhou.

CUT OFF Monday for departure on Friday – T/T 18-20 days

Regular weekly groupage departures (LCL) from Chengdu, Chongqing, Xian e Zhengzhou.
Container unloading at our terminal in Mesero (MI).

Tailor-made solutions are offered for every type of goods, apart from ADR and Temperature-controlled.

From the CHINESE terminal to our ITALIAN one in Mesero (MI), you have staff always available for container monitoring with GPS tracker devices.

EXPORT ORIGINS: Lodz e Malaszewicze
EXPORT ARRIVALS: Chengdu, Xian e Chongqing

CUT OFF Friday for departure on Thursday – T/T 18-20 days

Regular weekly groupage departures (LCL)

Tailor-made solutions are offered for every type of goods, apart from ADR and Temperature-controlled and products under embargo for Russia.

Rail service

Don’t miss the opportunity to know more about your best rail transport solution from China. As long-standing freight forwarders, we study the best solutions to guarantee efficient rail forwarding from China to Italy.

Rail freight transport is more sustainable:

For the same number of kilometers travelled, rail freight creates fewer pollutant emissions, with a 76% reduction in CO2 emissions per kilogram compared to road transport.

Among all types of freight forwarding solutions, rail is the best one for medium and long distances compared to trucks, planes, and ships because of its lower impact on the environment.

Try shipping by rail now! As a certified freight forwarder, Sogedim operates on the overseas transport market to the highest standards.

Plan your world freight forwarding for any industrial sector, including:


Sea transportation – Import from China

China woke up from the nightmare that began in Wuhan and goes back to running. What to do? Certainly the Italian entrepreneurs did not remain inactive, and we Freight Forwarders too are no less.
It is also promising that freight transport by sea from China has thus increased: our sea transport service is required both for large batches of goods and in groupage for small batches.

Sea transport with full assistance in the major commercial ports of the Asian continent. Try now LION SERVICE

To give you as few tasks as possible, Sogedim, within its basket of sea transportation, recommends, among the most effective solutions for the import of goods from China to Italy, the new LION SERVICE, officially active from January 2022.

Lively Water Lion Service - Sogedim Srl

Shanghai e Ningbo.

CUT OFF Friday – T/T port/port 40 days.

Regular departures from Shanghai, Ningbo and Shenzhen.
Container emptying at our terminal in Mesero (MI).

The power of the sea. For a safe and less subject to risk transport. Absolutely CONVENIENT

Most of our customers interested in import shipments from China entrust their goods to the sea and the reasons are many:

  • our experienced team can guarantee the completion of customs formalities in a few working days. Furthermore, you can track your shipment and take advantage of our long-standing experience for guaranteed transport on time and in safety;
  • transport by sea allows for more advantageous rates than that by air, especially with regard to high-density products (fabrics, for example) or high-volume products in cubic meters;
  • the delicacy of certain materials requires transport by ship to minimize the impact of traveling goods which, for example, could be damaged by train (eg due to blows / shaking / braking);
  • transport by sea protects the goods traveling at certain temperatures from thermal changes.

Lion Service – If you try it, you’ll never leave it.

IMPORT CHINA – ITALY guidelines: with Sogedim you are safe, follow our precious advice!

To effectively import your products from CHINA, you can take advantage of these tips, they could be a valid support to guide your shipments in the Asian continent and bring you closer to an important culture.

  1. Set your import GOALS.
    Decide which products to import and why, within a clear and pre-established plan.
  2. Depending on the type of product, the regulations change.
    Rely on a recognized partner who knows the rules and restrictions applicable to your products perfectly, in order to avoid customs problems.
  3. Suppliers must be carefully selected.
    Once identified, we recommend that you organize live meetings to test their reliability: it could be advantageous to speed up the negotiation and establish a solid professional relationship.
  4. Always keep the customs entry on hand.
    In order to correctly fill in documents and declarations you need the 10-digit code for customs purposes for all imports from non-EU territories.
  5. Test the product to verify the quality.
    If you import large quantities of goods, you can minimize the risks by requesting samples that will be tested to the appropriate standards required by the competent authorities. Place orders with a greater security and in line with the legal requirements of our country (Italy).