M3C2.2 Intermodalità e logistica integrata del PNRR introduce nei trasporti un nuovo strumento che mira in primo luogo alla semplificazione delle transazioni di importazione/esportazione

After the introduction, last June 9 of a system of exchanges with customs in telematic mode, Mission 3, M3C2.2 Intermodality and Integrated Logistics of the NRP introduces in transportation a new tool aimed primarily at simplifying the import/export transitions of goods in Italy: the Single Customs and Control Desk.

New S.U.Do.Cu allows information and data on goods entering and leaving the country to be transmitted through customs via a single interface, enabling professionals to track and coordinate customs operations in their entirety through the “once only” principle, a method by which data would be transmitted only once, through a single entry point.

Those who will certainly benefit from this new evolved tool will be companies handling sea trades and, in general, the maritime shipping system since it is from ports that pass 60% of the goods moved to/from Italy. Thus, a single interface and simplified data transmission would ensure faster and streamlined seaborne solutions than those that hitherto subjected cargoes passing through customs to complex bureaucratic processes.

The launch of the S.U.Do.Cu makes Italy more competitive against other countries, in the sense that it facilitates insiders in monitoring the entire process of the customs operation, from the entry and exit of goods from the national territory while also making the tracking of the progress of controls more efficient.

Conducting more functional and streamlined customs and handling operations improves the national economy by moving the needle on a more innovative, stronger, and more competent Italy system relative to logistics oversight of port system authorities.