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Transport Services intended for spices, flavorings and saffron. Highly demanded Italian red gold

Contrary to what one might think, when it comes to herb and spice logistics, it goes far beyond simple freight transport.
Italian saffron is one of the most popular spices abroad for its intense aroma and unmistakable flavor.


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Contrary to what one might think, saffron is actually in great demand also by the Italian market itself, which finds extensive crops in Campania (saffron from Benevento), in the Marche, Abruzzo, Sardinia, Umbria and Tuscany.Trasporti di spezie e zafferano Saffron is classified among the ten most expensive foods in the world: a kilogram of pistils has hyperbolic figures and for a kg of saffron many plants are needed, so much so that it has the reputation of “red gold”. Iran produced about 90% of the world demand for saffron: the most recent conflicts in the Middle East make connections more difficult, increasing the demand for saffron from Iran to Italy. Sogedim also manages transport on behalf of the producers of saffron bulbs, communicating with the farms of the first link in the chain.

We carry out the national and international transport of saffron to producers and companies operating for Ho.Re.Ca. and large distribution.
While once spices were mainly used as natural remedies in the medical field, today they are used almost exclusively in the food sector.

From Milan… all over the world! We satisfy the food demands of industry at 360° with timely and reliable transport for spices and flavorings

As a trusted freight forwarder, Sogedim studies and proposes the best transport solution for companies active in the SPICES AND AROMAS area.

To offer a transport service on these commodities, it is necessary to rely on those who already have some experience in this sector, who have nothing to take for granted and indeed require a partner trained in the matter. Whether the shipment of spices is requested on a single package in plastic bags, heavy bags or entire pallets, whatever the quantity or the preferred mode of transport (by road, by sea or by air), nothing should be underestimated.

It all starts with the packaging, a very delicate step which, before booking any picking at Sogedim or other shippers, must be taken care of by the sender so as not to create dispersion of the organoleptic properties of aromas and spices in the air.

Spedizioni spezie pepeFood ingredients such as pepper, chilli, nutmeg, oregano, basil, thyme require care in all phases of shipment planning to ensure the best transport conditions and preserve the intensity of the aromas. and other peculiar features that make these products so special.
In Italy the most popular spice in cooking is pepper, often used in the preparation of dishes together with garlic and onion with other aromatic herbs such as rosemary, basil, thyme, sage, fennel, juniper berry, nail cloves, coriander and nutmeg, dosed according to the recipe.

From the Middle Eastern Gulf and the Indian Ocean we have imported a great passion for spices such as ginger, turmeric, curry, cardamom.

Sogedim specializes in fast, customized, and above all reliable groupage shipments in the consolidation of multiple goods from different warehouse areas in order to be efficiently shipped or stacked on pallets (which in the case of spices is vital for the overall success of the transport).


Trasporti export di rosmarino, basilico, timo, salvia, finocchio, bacca di ginepro, chiodo di garofano, coriandolo, noce moscata

If the items are already picked up in an orderly manner, the positioning of the goods in the shipping area will in all likelihood also be set up to facilitate the grouping of spices and weight distribution in order to prevent forms of crushing and therefore any damage.

Compliance with the safety rules to be applied in loading and unloading activities is also decisive, considering that in this phase most of the falls or accidents with forklifts, pallet trucks and other lifting means occur.

Is it legal to ship spices, flavorings and flavorings abroad?

Sending a package containing spices (saffron or other), flavorings and flavorings abroad is possible, provided that those transport components are not among the items prohibited in the countries of collection or delivery of the shipment. Most spices are legal, which is why international import / export transport is possible in most cases.

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Logistica alimentare prodotti bio spezieThe Sogedim group operates as a professional in the food logistics sector, offering the best shipping conditions for these delicate products such as spices and natural flavorings.

The shelves in Sogedim warehouses dedicated to spice and flavor pallets are on the rise, it is assumed in relation to the various opportunities that this market offers to the industry and its new organic lines. Growing organically is in fact a cultural choice that Sogedim promotes within its model of healthy economic development and aimed at collective well-being. The consumption trends that are driving our transport are the attention to a healthy and balanced lifestyle and the growing curiosity towards new cultures and flavors.

Our skills are well recognized by the market in the safe management of the complex and delicate logistical process of handling the spice and flavorings commodity, which meets the highest quality standards required. Our logistics service of “spices”, “flavorings” and “flavorings” has several strengths:

  • warehouses for the storage of various types of spices, flavorings and other products;
  • quality control in compliance with the Regulation on hygiene for food products (HACCP);
  • BIO food certification;
  • state-of-the-art IT tools equipped with radio frequency and modern spaces with CCTV;
  • pick and pack processing and other customizations on demand;
  • customs warehouse inside the company;
  • warehouses A3 and A4;
  • VAT deposit;


With several hubs on the outskirts of Milan (Mi-To motorway, Arluno exit or Marcallo / Mesero exit) and in the province of Turin, Sogedim operates by projecting B2B logistics towards greater performance:

Reduced lead times – Smaller stocks – Increased level of service required – development of an extensive and widespread distribution network, which respects the distribution cost required by the market, in Italy and in the world.

Today we look to the future with enthusiasm and optimism, supported by a brand strongly recognized in Italy and around the world and an experience of over 35 years in the sector that makes us the ideal partner for the creation of efficient, timely and tailor-made solutions.


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