Sogedim: a new green fleet vehicles is now active

Cars lined up, ready to go! Zero-emission transport, good for better environment and people lives.

To communicate its adherence to a more sustainable future, Sogedim is going green by replacing the entire fleet of diesel-powered company vehicles with zero-emission electric cars.

Sustainable mobility is a cornerstone of the Sogedim Green Deal which aims to combat climate change and reduce air pollution.

The brand invests in a greener future and demonstrates to the staff its commitment to environmental sustainability issues that from now on, for urban mobility and extra-urban travel in general, it will be able to use electric cars with 0 emissions. The first ten cars of the production batch have already been assigned: twenty more units are still to come, including Nissan Leaf E+ and other Tesla models. Driving pleasure increases for the driver who, thanks to the new green component, sees more stress relief and receives increased well-being thanks to reduced vibrations and silent engines. The parking lots are now adapted with EV charging stations in order to be able to quickly recharge the photovoltaic system installed on the company’s building roof: recharging the electric car through the EV charging stations with the energy produced by the photovoltaic system makes electric mobility even greener. The savings on management and “fuel” costs are remarkable: clean energy is not just a smart investment, it is above all a necessary effort for the future of the company and the business’s sustainability in the long term.

CEO & Founder Emanuele Codazzi states: “Sogedim’s green approach is designed for the well-being of people: a new green fleet will bring significant added value in the coming years thanks to greener corporate mobility based on a more sustainable way of driving. Investments in this sector are much more favorable now, but everything always depends on the will of the companies that choose to focus on greenness as a strategic factor”.

Fabio Canovi, Sogedim General Manager, adds: “The transition to green mobility is not an immediate process: Sogedim electrifies the car fleet, but this for us is only the first step towards the development of other ambitious green-hearted projects for customers and employees, with limited environmental impact.” Safeguarding nature is now an urgent need, which is increasingly moving at the center of global attention, and the Sogedim Green Deal belongs to the brand’s broader growth strategy which aims to protect the health and well-being of citizens from environmental risks and related consequences.