E-tendering Sogedim: per le aziende che organizzano tender su internet

Tender: find out what it is

The tender is a periodic auction organized to assign a freight shipment, a useful tool therefore for freight forwarder to offer, within a tender intended to one or more specific transport and logistics services, their offer together with other potential selected suppliers.


Tender: why should companies use it?

There are various reasons that can induce companies and SMEs to turn to tenders for the logistics services purchase online through e-Procurement or offline through consulting companies. Among them, we could list the following:

  • use a method to identify the best quality – price ratio (cheapest rate and service quality) by negotiating road transport rates that put several freight forwarders in competition with each other;
  • rely on a tested tool on the market to identify the most effective and efficient transport solution;
  • guaranteeing greater load flexibility with the same service conditions provided by the same whom organize them;
  • look for a better logistics service provider than the current one for the long-term execution of related transport and logistics assignments.

Companies that join in the logistics sector tenders, in most cases, would like to check if exist other alternative offers on the market at more competitive costs than the ones proposed by the current provider, which may not fully satisfy them.

Tender: what the freight forwarder needs

In order to estimate the management costs, the freight forwarders need to know all the information essential to calculate the necessary spaces for storage, to understand any necessary equipment and to evaluate all the handling of the goods.
To calculate the transport costs, you also need detailed information on the number of shipments and geographical areas of destination.

Tender stages. What does the winner do

It is necessary, as a first step, to consult the databases of current suppliers based on the technical requirements of the company. On the basis of the data and logistical needs, it follows the selection, directly on the platform, from among the thousands of transport and logistics companies present, those that meet the needs of the client company.

Subsequently, the RFI (Request for information) requires suppliers to respond to a selective questionnaire in which they must declare that they possess the necessary requirements.
Suppliers who pass this phase become part of the vendor list and are therefore invited to participate in the third phase of the tender.

The RFQ (Request for Quotation) requires the construction of an ad hoc matrix to be presented to the participants, who will fill in by presenting their economic offer with the other most important indicators regarding the tracking of freight shipments, compliance with delivery windows and other characteristics.

Once all the tender offers have been collected, they are processed through advanced analysis systems to produce different scenarios according to the degree of risk and the purchase strategy to be pursued. After the analysis, the service is assigned according to the criteria deemed most appropriate and test periods are foreseen for the integration of the new supplier.

The quality of the tender results is directly proportional to the knowledge of the platform and the sector in which the companies operate or intend to ship / store. By doing so, they can configure different solutions depending on the set savings goal, as well as the ability to manage the complexity of multiple suppliers.

E-tendering Sogedim: for companies organizing tenders on the internet

To meet the demands of an increasingly demanding market with respect to the flexibility required in the world of freight shipping, to meet the new needs of companies and SMEs, freight forwarders like Sogedim cannot fail to offer transport and logistics services at the best conditions and best value for money.

To facilitate interested companies in outsourcing services, Sogedim regularly participates in tenders for one or more specific services, both ON LINE on tender portals, and OFF LINE through other consultancy companies.


Companies, online portals and consulting companies can notify us about tenders and tenders by email or by telephone, or even better by filling out the following form on the side.
You will receive, within the set deadline, our proposal at the most advantageous rates for the number of freight shipments guaranteed on each individual traffic relationship, type of service and / or specific geographic area.
It’s time to select the logistics operator to whom to entrust the procurement and distribution of products.

Sogedim and tender, main commercial requirements:

Industries in order of preference

  1. Truck shipments in Italy and Europe.
  2. Logistics.
  3. Temperature controlled and overseas transports.

Type of traffic in order of preference

  1. Groupage.
  2. Partial (part-load, LTL).
  3. Full (full-load, FTL).
  4. Dedicated and express load.

Product category

  • All types of packaged goods (e.g. pallets, cardboard boxes, IBC), no bulk goods, ADR – dangerous goods.

Geographical criteria

  • Only shipments originating or ending in Italy (e. g. no shipments from Germany to France, from Poland to Spain).

With Sogedim you have transport and logistics services at more competitive costs.
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