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The demand is to shorten chains to get speedier and more efficient services to cope with ever faster delivery times.

Therefore, an increasing number of companies, including small and medium-sized ones, have delegated the management of their logistics activities to Sogedim as an external expert to whom they are willing to entrust the outsourcing. That is the action whereby a company relies on a logistics operator to carry out operations on its purchased or sold goods, rather than performing them directly with its personnel.

Sogedim expands its Supply Chain logistics service in Lombardy, just a few minutes from Milan: the need for a new Sogedim facility has arisen to meet the ever-increasing customers’ demand for storage, management, and goods distribution.
It is always in Mesero, in the Mesero2 Terminal, that experienced and skilled resources are deployed in the various commercial, marketing and operational logistics offices to face every challenge, in a context marked by a considerable sector change.

In 2020 Sogedim overcame the emergency time, acquiring a greater awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of its logistics system and supply chain, opening up to bigger social and environmental responsibility to better exploit the potential offered by Logistics 4.0.

The global health emergency has shaken up many businesses, altering their classic stockpile management logic.

The new Sogedim Mesero2 Terminal was born in Mesero from the growing desire to protect customers by minimizing the risks associated with business interruptions. It is much more than a warehouse, as it heads towards both better efficiency and greener solutions than the other warehouses already established in the area.

The choice to decentralize production activities and to better control variables is what industry experts believe to be the most immediate consequence of post-pandemic awareness. It is crucial for companies to face new blockages or uncertainties, optimise the availability of supplies and rely on the right logistics partner so as not to compromise production and distribution capacity.

Efficient, tailor-made solutions. Appropriate, state-of-the-art spaces

Sede Sogedim Srl - Mesero 2

Sogedim Mesero2 – Large outdoor area

You need to move your business environment towards greater flexibility and resilience, to face the future. The cutting-edge project on Mesero2 is the demonstration of that, in line with the need for territorial expansion of the Sogedim brand.
The growth of advanced logistics services develops together with a new idea of “elastic logistics“, which offers more possibilities for companies to expand or shrink their logistics activities according to changing demand or other circumstances.

The expectation for the future is that agile thinking and action will be sone of the most valuable professional skills. Supported now by more advanced technologies, you can fill the need for constant visibility of your inventory so you can respond in real-time to changes and unexpected events.

As a provider of industrial logistics solutions, Sogedim is increasingly expanding its offer with advanced services in addition to its traditional activities. Special attention has been paid to the careful selection process of personnel in charge of packaging management operations, pick-and-pack services, feeding production systems through the creation of kits in assembly and production systems, design of handling and loading units for production machinery, integration services with e-commerce sites and other high-level IT skills.

A new investment in the city of Mesero to support foreign and domestic companies with a top-quality supply chain at competitive costs

To cope with a constantly and profoundly changing supply chain, Sogedim invests in the human factor, which accounts for at least 50% of the company’s intelligent strategy, in order to continue managing quality customer relations, thanks to agile strategies focused on continually expanding towards new horizons and new markets.

Sogedim is a 4PL reference partner for production activities and companies throughout the country.

4PL is Sogedim’s logistics model, also known as Fourth Party Logistic Provider. Today it best represents the partnership with client companies and between staff, skills, and technologies.

Sogedim as a 4 PL partner plans, organizes, and coordinates all activities for the implementation of supply chain solutions, ensuring maximum results at sustainable costs.


To find out more about outsourcing our services or to ask any questions, contact us

Sogedim’s logistics division is your answer to the need for optimization, evolution, and savings.

Distinguish yourself on the market for efficiency and competitiveness.

We analyse, plan and provide technical advice in every logistics area. With us, you can focus on your company’s activities to the fullest, entrusting the control, planning and management of logistics services to a single partner who can assure you:

  • Reliability
  • Rapidity
  • Effectiveness
  • Quality
  • Technology
  • Efficiency and cost reduction
Sogedim - Centro logistico Mesero2 - 04

Sogedim Mesero2 – Loading bays

Many years of experience have enabled Sogedim’s freight forwarding company to grow rapidly in the area by opening new, large warehouses and adopting even more efficient integrated flows.
Continuous staff training on the management aspects of the goods, the nature of the materials, the safety conditions for handling and storing the goods enables us to meet the customer’s needs in the best possible way, to satisfy the industrial and distribution requirements of the various product categories.

We take any challenge from our customers in order to provide customised 4 PL solutions and help them succeed.

The competitive advantages of relying on Sogedim’s logistics service

Superior logistics services in terms of quality and flexibility allow us to identify the best logistics solutions, customized and best suited to each customer’s supply chain.
Increased storage capacity thanks to the expansion of warehouses with dedicated storage space, new offices, and dedicated staff.

Sogedim logistics warehouses

  • Sogedim srl – Via E. Mattei – 20010 Mesero2 (MI)
  • Sogedim srl – Corso Europa, 44 – 20010 Inveruno (MI)
  • Sogedim srl – Via per Inveruno – 20020 Busto Garolfo (MI)
  • Sogedim srl – S.P. 34 – 20010 Ossona (MI)

Total capacity of warehouses

Surface area ca. 120,000 sqm

Today Sogedim’s logistics solutions are offered as part of an even wider and more flexible range, with teams trained to meet any industrial and distribution logistics requirement, from the simplest to the most complex.

A great company for your supply chain

  • Modern, cutting-edge logistics centres with plenty of space.
  • Radiofrequency goods identification systems.
  • 24-hour video monitoring.
  • Access control and alarm systems.
  • WMS flessibile e facilmente interfacciabile.
  • Traceability of goods.
  • On-site customs clearance.
  • In-house customs warehouse.
  • Logistics and transport by truck, ship, and air.

More than simple warehouses

  • Customs, tax, and excise warehouses.
  • Multiple goods storage warehouses.
  • HACCP and BIO food warehouses.
  • Controlled temperature warehouses.
  • ADR warehouses.
  • A3 and A4 warehouses.
  • VAT warehouse.

Sogedim’s long-term experience

Sogedim, a freight forwarder with many years of experience, strategically located in the Milan hinterland, just a few kilometres from Milan Malpensa international airport, is now a solid partner you can count on for the correct and optimal management of the entire supply chain and the achievement of important business goals.
The remarkable success achieved over the years is due to excellent human capital and to the reliability of certified warehouses that can accommodate various types of goods and work at all stages of the supply chain.

The opening of a new warehouse in 2021 is proof of the success achieved by Sogedim as a company always committed to offer high-quality services to companies in Lombardy and northern Italy, an area that is now widely covered by warehouses located in Lombardy and Piedmont.
The Mesero2 terminal is a modern, LEED-certified logistics centre of 50,000 sqm with 50 loading bays.

Sogedim relies on 12-m high pallet racking made of Sendzimir hot-dip galvanized steel. The first supply allowed to reach 33,000 pallet spaces on five loading levels (plus ground) for a surface of 25,000 sqm, and thanks to the doubled storage capacity on a 50,000-sqm warehouse, it will be possible to guarantee about 70,000 units of stock and improved management of customers’ inventories in just a few months.
Today Sogedim is ready to double its storage capacity to meet additional or new business needs, also thanks to the contribution of reliable and recognized partners in the market.


Full logistics service.