Sogedim launches a new welfare plan in favor of the entire organization

In the attempt to supports social sustainability, the company expands its logistics staff to strengthen its activities on the market.

The trade union agreement was signed by Sogedim Srl on July 2020, in order to endorse the direct and permanent hiring of the warehouse logistics staff that was previously employed by the Logitec consortium.

The switch was direct and straightforward: despite an year profoundly marked by Covid and economic uncertainty, Sogedim integrates among its employees eighty new hires formerly Logitec.

Sogedim spontaneously invests in social sustainability to encourage the adoption of processes to enhance human resources for the improvement and expansion of its logistic organization.

Sogedim doesn’t take advantage from this last pandemic highly critical context to keep a running list of goals in favor of its strategic development plan implementation.

Thanks to a consolidated know-how, Sogedim was able to contrast the corona virus with new hires, making social reengineering a real founding asset to improve productivity and business processes with useful resources to further enhance transport for all markets served.

Sogedim numbers grow during the pandemic year, and it was inevitable that warehouse management should have changed in proportion to the increase in work, but the change is almost fluid.

The duties are maintained in continuity with the previous transport and logistics activities, but the safety conditions protection is now improved thanks to the national transport and logistics labor contract which has been applied, with immediate effect, to all new hires.

This commitment to social responsibility is inspired by a higher fiduciary relationship between the company and its employees: offering better conditions to workers means increased welfare gratifications, a wider inner participation in corporate goals, and further benefits in terms of productivity that have returning customers.

Sogedim expands its logistics staff to strengthen its activities on the marketSocial sustainability is one of the fundamental parts of the corporate paradigm that aims to ensure better human well-being conditions (safety, health, training) equally distributed by professional categories and gender.

With this in mind, Sogedim carries out constant monitoring of everyone’s and collective adaptability to these results, with periodic reports on activities related to sustainability and social responsibility projects. Corporate welfare is a very topical issue for companies interested in improving the corporate climate through interventions in support of workers.

The company and employees are now involved in a cultural revolution that aims to create modern realities, able to generate and redistributing value in a virtuous and self-sustaining system.

The priorities of our sustainable corporate philosophy are:

  • the adoption of complementary welfare measures in favor of workers and the local context;
  • the adoption of voluntary agreements between public bodies and private companies on the subject of social responsibility and / or environmental protection;
  • the activation of network contracts between companies and the territory;
  • personal care services;
  • continuous training;
  • complementary health care services;
  • green services for the employee mobility management, car sharing;
  • digital based and paperless supply chain;
  • eco-friendly communication materials.

The latest example of added value to the staff hired last year concerns the provision of new uniforms customized with the brand colors, specifically designed to ensure the drivers and warehouse workers’ safety in the highest respect for brand identity lines.

The values in Sogedim guide daily behaviors and actions towards customers, partners and colleagues. Responsibility, reliability, transparency, are the basis for a healthy and prosperous business growth, together with the evaluation of the results effectiveness obtained in the activities and the adequacy of the resources used.

For further information, please refer to our ethics code, which identifies the list of company rights, duties and responsibilities with whom Sogedim comes through in carrying out its activities.