Sogedim migliora l’efficienza operativa del cargo aereo con StarTracking

Mesero (MI, Italy), 20th July 2023.

The freight forwarding and logistics provider headquartered in Italy, responds to its customers’ increasing need to improve the quality, transparency and visibility of air cargo shipments and keep up with Digital Transformation.

With a branch presence across several countries and an extensive distribution network worldwide, Sogedim strengthens its commitment to its customers by adopting the visibility platform StarTracking developed by Cargo Start, Italy’s leading air cargo technology provider.

The airport-to-airport tracking system has been integrated in Sogedim’s transportation management system in use to enhance air cargo visibility to the benefit of the shipper and the end customer. StarTracking enables the active monitoring of air cargo shipments from multiple carriers, in one, single platform and provides real-time, shipment status updates based on reliable, unfiltered data.

The system’s features include the Time Machine – which enables to detect discrepancies at any stage of the shipment, and the Route Map, a dataset highlighting the entire shipment life cycle from booking to delivery, with the corresponding timing. For shipments with IATA Cargo iQ member carriers, it is possible to compare the planned with the actual event data for each individual shipment.

StarTracking is a real business accelerator: the ability to customize alert messages greatly facilitates and speeds up the work of the operational staff as well as it enables prompt intervention in case of exceptions or irregularities,” explains Simone Morelli, Chief Operating Officer Overseas at Sogedim.

The service is fully dedicated to regularly monitoring the shipment status across, to ensure a seamless air freight service, customized to meet the most specific needs, and ensuring support to the shipper.

SOGEDIM CEO, Emanuele Codazzi comments: “With this latest-generation solution, which integrates and upgrades our TMS to keep pace with digital transformation, customers can take advantage of superior data transparency by tracking their shipments at any time, receiving notifications from all carriers involved, and monitoring their performance.

Emanuele Vurchio, General Manager comments: “We are delighted that Sogedim has chosen our visibility platform and we are confident it will bring greater efficiency of their overseas operations via air to all exporting industries.


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