Sogedim guida la rivoluzione logistica col sistema di dimensionamento dinamico dei pallet TLD970 di METTLER TOLEDO

SOGEDIM, a leading transport and logistics company in Italy, is driving the logistics revolution in the industry by adopting the TLD970 Dynamic Pallet Dimensioning system from METTLER TOLEDO

This advanced technological system has been tested in SOGEDIM’s central warehouse, and it’s ready for an official launch from February 1, 2023.

The TLD970 dynamic pallet dimensioning system offers a new way of working with custom warehouse operations, converging weighing and dimensioning operations in a single process step to provide a fully integrated solution with intelligent data management.

With the ability to capture pallet data automatically from all 360 degrees, Sogedim will improve data accuracy and reduce margin of error for the company, optimizing planning and workflows, and creating a significant time savings for cross-docking activities.

The TLD970 system is a tool that maximizes revenue recovery on 100% of pallets, processing up to 720 pallets per hour, which is triple the productivity of current throughput. This innovative technology represents a positive revolution for SOGEDIM, but it is also a long-awaited solution for the entire industry.

According to Emanuele Codazzi, CEO of SOGEDIM, “The opportunity to automatically detect weights and volumes, and immediately obtain homologated and certified data, gives us the time that the manual measurement of pallets took away from us. Our overall goal is to intelligently optimize shipments and prevent work peaks to make operations faster, more precise, more punctual, than any other static system.”

The responsible for the METTLER TOLEDO Transport and Logistics division in Italy, comments that “This solution certainly represents a positive revolution for SOGEDIM, but it is also the technology long awaited by the entire industry, stopped previously by static and manual solutions”.

This advanced technology represents a new approach to warehouse operations by integrating weighing and dimensioning operations into a single process step. This integration results in a fully streamlined solution that includes intelligent data management, providing optimal load planning for pallet handling and transportation.

The TLD970 system is equipped with a sleek, simple design that easily integrates with an IT system and has the ability to detect, measure, and merge various parameters such as dimensions, weight, barcode ID, and pallet images in a single step, regardless of lighting conditions and pallet surface type or shape.

When a forklift carrying a pallet passes under the system, the TLD970 scans the barcode and captures all the relevant data without causing any disruptions to the workflow. SOGEDIM will benefit from this innovation by optimizing load and transit planning, reducing downtime, and minimizing manual errors, ultimately resulting in the highest operational efficiency in the industry.