The first Sogedim 2020 advertising campaign is aerial: Traveller, EasyJet’s award-winning in-flight magazine, is the leader in its sector with a circulation of 300,000 copies destined every month to 8,000,000 passengers.

The magazine boasts among its readers, in addition to the business profiles, an audience increasingly made up of globetrotters and young professionals: it’s about a new generation of travellers who enjoy being always at the forefront visiting more places, and desire travel often, having more choices.

The Sogedim’s message on Traveller is clear: “when it comes to discovering a new destination, tackle some daring feat, wherever you are, wherever your company takes you, Sogedim is with you, every day in Europe.

While you are travelling aboard EasyJet’s flights, Sogedim will take care of every other travel experiences in a freight forwarding concept by land”.

Carrying 76 million passengers per year with a coverage of 878 destinations worldwide, Easyjet is officially the first airline company in the United Kingdom, second in the world by number of air international passengers carried.

We’ll see you on board! Sogedim organises regular shipments of any kind of goods all over the world guaranteeing flexible price quotations suited to any transport need, by land, air, sea.

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