Sogedim celebrates the Mede in Italy with a tricolor headquarter

As an allied partner of Italian companies Sogedim celebrates made in Italy and its growth by lighting the Mesero headquarters with the tricolor flag: an invitation to open the doors of italian rebirth, pushing the road freight market beyond national borders.

The growth of exports from Italy to abroad depends a lot by the way shipments on roads are planned. In addition to connecting people and continents, goods and vehicles, a complete international freight forwarder should offer dedicated services, a prompt, polite and helpful staff and always fast support to its customers.


It is obvious that, in a post Covid context that finds many Italian companies still discouraged, undecided or in despair, the choice of the right partner in which to confidently entrust shipments requests is a strategic factor.

The strength and resilience of Sogedim people, who was able to closely meet the needs of customers in a state of emergency from Covid-19, marked the success of the national and overseas transport activities and at the same time developed an even broader and more articulated offer proposal.

The Sogedim task force coordinated the shipments ensuring continuity both in terms of planning and monitoring activities at every stage, with prompt reactions to the critical issues generated, or due to the Coronavirus emergency.

Each department took care of its own operations to guarantee an uninterrupted service to customers at any cost and by any means.
Sogedim has a keen interest in contributing to the growth of Italian exports today, in a context of generalized crisis that is, however, already creating new opportunities.

Sogedim and service manufacturing: a quality investment and a winning choice for shipments

The first forwarder who helps Made in ItalyPurchasing a road freight or a logistics service by Sogedim means investing in the quality of manufacturing, a typically Italian characteristic in manufacturing solutions of excellent quality. The Italian character of Sogedim is also expressed in the ability to listen to the customer, who feels heard by those who dedicate themselves to the goods.

Attention to Made in Italy does not necessarily concern products intended for consumption, “seen” or “touched”: it can directly involve services such as transport, and a pandemic crisis like this can best express it.

The Italian products quality is tangible. Just think of the design, the cut of the clothes (unique), the fabric (recognizable to the touch), or the tailor-made finishes. All this can also be applied to the road transport services, where staff is called to create the best, perfect transport solution to ensure safety, quality and punctuality, paying attention to every detail.

Each component of transport at every stage, from picking, to planning, to monitoring, fits to the Sogedim standard which is inspired by high quality, and harmonious joints in the logistics chain, made efficient thanks to fluid passages and a tuned and cohesive communication between the departments. A transport service should not only be aimed at providing safety, but must also be used in order to gratify the customer.

Made in Italy is all of this in a Sogedim vision: attention to detail, attention to the goods, staff quality of in assisting and gratifying the customer. Made in Italy is a value that runs through each of our shipments, and which can therefore contribute to the value of an asset throughout its entire life cycle. The payoff of Sogedim – Smart People. Smart Freights – in force since 2019, well expresses this ideal.

Supporto SogedimDEDICATED STAFF.
Kindness, availability and continuous assistance are part of the package offered every day to customers who choose Sogedim as their transport partner.

Tailored and safe.
Monitored warehouses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the head office.

Always on time. Fast and competitive quotations. Highly reactive in the management of any critical issues.

Sogedim, ideal partner on the freight forwarding market in Italy and around the world, offers an even wider range of transport solutions showing a significant increasement both in the palletized merchandise and of the traffic of goods handled despite precarious business and markets.
A rapidly expanding forwarder, which evolves to offer Italian companies the opportunity to relaunch Made in Italy and expand their business today can make a difference.