Sogedim offre soluzioni gestionali per il trasporto e la logistica post-Brexit

The exit of Great Britain from the EU has objectively affected, and not without impact, the freight forwarding sector. Delivery delays, miles of queues, and road delays are just some of the consequences that our companies have felt since the official date of UK release from the European community.

Sogedim‘s approach, which as an exponent of the transport world has inevitably suffered repercussions, was to maximize efforts, diversify operational solutions and increase the tools to be able to overcome this phase of obvious difficulties and logistical impasses.

The commitment has been intense to continue to guarantee customers the regularity of the transport service offered, which has hopelessly gone on better than we could have expected!
This success further improves the quality of the service offered and increases the trust placed by customers in the Sogedim team.

We, despite the weight of the contingent context, thanks to the consolidation of customs operations with specialized internal resources, and the constant alignment of the team to Brexit evolutions, we have promptly and quickly adapted to the new provisions to provide the necessary assistance, operational and commercial. We have met the needs of our customers by showing ourselves strongly reactive to the emergencies that have occurred 24 hours a day at an incessant pace.

Unfortunately, however, the parameters, to which we as shippers have had to refer, starting from January 2021 continue to be rather vague.

The current post-Brexit uncertainty is weighing on transport planning in many industrial sectors, not to mention the difficulties due to force majeure. Among the most ascertained, the complexities created by the agreement; the unpreparedness of the UK system; UK customs congestion; the lengthening of transit times, and the inevitable, consequent increase in the cost of vehicles.

We are already studying new ways and solutions to further reduce waiting times and delays at the border in order to maintain the level of service offered unchanged, indeed improve even more.

The situation is in progress for everyone, but the regulatory framework and bureaucratic practices unfortunately do not depend on us. Sogedim, however, can make a difference compared to the others, yes. While waiting to provide new updates, we are already working in the direction of giving customers a renewed experience with the UK at 360°.


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