Vini- rossi - San Valentino - Sogedim

Supported by a multimedia stage featuring an internationally renowned sommelier, we could not fail to honor Italian red wine on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Wine is a living matter… it is even more so on Valentine’s Day! Here you have the opportunity to enhance a dinner, or a romantic encounter by focusing on the value and pleasure of good Italian red wine.


The list of types is extensive and varies according to the alcohol content, body and aroma.
The full-bodied Italian red wine is the one with a high alcohol content, structured, persistent and tannic.
This is the red wine that also creates that typical, enveloping sensation of warmth that is perceived in the mouth and which, once the first drop is finished, immediately rekindles the desire to share another glass.
It is the intense and full-bodied red wine, the perfect ally for Valentine’s Day 2022, but also to be tasted for an evening at home, on the sofa or for any dinner.
It is always the right time for barbareschi and barolos, therefore nebbiolo based in the Piedmontese part, or for gattinara or boca. Moving to the Valtellina, how can we fail to suggest Amarone della Valpolicella, with very colorful and structured vines.


Sogedim studies the most suitable solution

But what exactly makes full-bodied Italian red wine so magical, magnetic and irresistible?

There are structured wines everywhere in Italy, and if we want in the world, but what justifies such a high global demand for full-bodied Italian red wines, what makes them so unique?
The common denominator of such a disarming drink, Sommelier Sogedim reveals to us, is precisely the power, which is defined on the basis of three variables:

  • grape variety;
  • geographic area;
  • style of winemaking.

The group of grape varieties that are able to extract important tannins, good structure and important alcohol content from the grape fall into the category “structured red wine”.
To celebrate Valentine’s Day 2022 with international vines – full-bodied red wine – we can show you the following:

  • Cabernet franc;
  • Cabernet souvignon;
  • Merlot;
  • Sirah.

To honor our good full-bodied Italian red wine, there would be many and varied proposals in terms of territoriality and diversity. Staying in Central Italy:

  • Sangiovese structured with power and longevity such as Brunello di Montalcino;
  • Chianti, potentially also a Sagrantino – if we are in central Italy – which is perhaps a little less known and well-known wine, but with great potential for both structure and aging.
  • If we move to southern Italy to make a good impression, we could instead refer to the Taurasi, Negroamaro, Nero d’Avola, and so on: all vines of great potential, structure, body and persistence and sometimes even strength of aging.

For the most sophisticated lovers of the genre, in case you also want to study aging, in Italy it is quite easy to find a wine structured from north to south with power, persistence and longevity depending on whether the passage is made in small wood (barrique) or large wood (called tanneaux).

It is the vineyard that really gives the flavor, therefore the pleasure, of the full-bodied red wine we are tasting, which in turn relates to the vine and the geographical area of origin.

So what does this mean? If we take a single grape variety planted in different places in the world, the expression changes completely: a pinot noir planted in Burgundy completely distances itself from the fruit and exuberance that a pinot noir in New Zealand could tell.