Concorso Imprese vincenti 2021 - Premiazione Sogedim

The Imprese Vincenti programme selected 112 companies for its third edition this year, focusing on the success factors of small and medium-sized enterprises in the particular economic context marked by the effects of the pandemic.

The “People and Human Capital” stage saw the participation of 14 winning SMEs: Astelav (Turin), Aton (Treviso), Beantech (Udine), Bending Spoons (Milan), Bonomi Industries (Brescia), Fapim (Lucca), Irion (Turin), Metaltecnica (Novara), Minifaber (Bergamo), Sogedim (Milan), Steel Tech (Bari), Telebit (Pordenone), Walter Tosto (Chieti), Zeta Service (Milan).

This is the list of companies that have shown an extra gear in jump-restarting the country after the long and critical months of the pandemic. The credit goes to the know-how of their people, to the mix of technology and training, to the investment in maintaining and developing their human capital, before and after the Covid19 emergency.

Here is the link to attend the final event that will gather the experience of the participating companies; Ermenegildo Milani, Sogedim’s sales manager, will be involved in bringing the company’s testimony as a trusted freight forwarder for the whole country.

The “People and Human Capital” stage is the 7th one of the “Imprese Vincenti 2021” digital tour that Intesa Sanpaolo dedicates to the enhancement of small and medium-sized Italian companies. As winning company featured during this section, E. Codazzi, CEO & Founder Sogedim, claims: “Today, it is necessary to be ready to face changes with a mindset inclined to innovation and digital, an approach that so far has allowed us to remain in the market in an increasingly strong position.”

Nowadays, a freight forwarder cannot ignore the demand for strong skills to satisfy new business needs in all sectors.

“The pandemic has helped to relocate the utter centrality of the human capital in business strategies, but the competitiveness of Italian industry has always been linked to the know-how of people” says the head of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Banca dei Territori Division, Stefano Barrese.

Sogedim awarded among the winning companies of 2021: watch the excerpt of the live speech of sales manager Ermenegildo Giovanni Milani, broadcasted on 4 November 2021.

Imprese Vincenti 2021 highlights the strategic elements for the growth of SMEs after the pandemic crisis: the ability to invest in digital and the 4.0 transition, progressive adaptation to sustainability criteria, enhancement of human capital, internationalization, development of the supply chain, and ties with the territory, social impact and inclusive growth for the country’s prosperity.

Here is the 2021 calendar of upcoming events, highlighting the topics covered:

15 September – Innovation- R&D
23 September – Internationalization
30 September – Digitalization
07 October – Agrifood
14 October – Supply chain & territory
21 October – Sustainability-ESG
04 November – People & Human Capital
11 November – Impact

Sogedim among the finalists of the 3rd edition in support of Italian SMEs

Participation in this year’s Imprese Vincenti programme once again proves our commitment to support the success of Italian SMEs as a freight forwarder with know-how and human capital, which is irreplaceable for the local economy. After contributing with all its resources, energies and the efforts of all its employees in the struggle against the Covid-19 emergency, Sogedim accentuates its weight and responsibility in the process of the current economic rebirth. Today the business is more and more oriented to the development of stronger new skills and to the support of its people and customers.

Sogedim, an independent freight forwarding company operating in the national and international logistics sector, based in the Milan hinterland, is the point of reference for companies that need to ship goods while relying on a skilled team at all times.

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