Dal 9 giugno 2022 gli scambi con la dogana avverranno esclusivamente in modalità telematica grazie all’entrata in vigore del nuovo sistema di trasmissione delle dichiarazioni doganali di importazione.

Starting from June 9, 2022, exchanges with customs will take place exclusively electronically thanks to the entry into force of the new system for transmitting customs import declarations. The EU customs regulations eliminate the need for the use of a paper form, thanks to the H1 – H7 tracks that take over from the previous traditional digital bills.
For customs import declarations, IM messages are replaced by the H1 – H5 and H7 tracks, and only the Master Reference Number (MRN) will be needed for identification.

They are no longer used:

  • the office code;
  • the register;
  • the number of the declaration;
  • the CIN and the date.

How will this work now? Import declarations are transmitted to the Agency’s Information System, digitally signed, acquired, and registered by the system itself, and take full effect in total compliance with the principles outlined in the Digital Administration Code.

ADM, to enable the exercise of the right to deduct the value-added tax paid at the time of importation, and the registration of the relevant bills, makes available to operators a summary statement for accounting purposes of the customs declaration.

Importers and declarants/representatives can therefore already find such a statement, relating to each customs import declaration, in the restricted area of the Customs Single Window and Monopolies, whose methods of access and use are not yet known and will be subject to publication on the ADM website.

The new system for managing import declarations allows:

  • incremental submission of declaration data (in one go or in multiple steps);
  • an increased maximum number of items per declaration (999 individual vs. 40 individual);
  • the release of goods per item;
  • new ways of talking to declarants, based on the latest international standards (exchange of messages in XML format via web services);
  • the recognition of other Certification authorities for identification and digital signature;
  • the recognition of users through SPID or CNS;

Reengineering of AIDA for purposes of registration, acceptance, release

In line with the European Commission’s customs clearance rules, in close cooperation with Member States, the reengineered version of AIDA has made a temporal distinction between the different processing stages of a customs declaration.
Specifically, for each declaration, the registration, acceptance, and control assignment (CDC outcome and release) phases are distinguished.


Among other things, this approach allows access to external databases (e.g., Certex, Customs Decisions System, REX, etc.) without affecting the timeliness of the registration of the customs declaration.
Acceptance of the declaration is notified to the declarant through the assignment of the registration Master Reference Number (MRN).

The new messages for import

  • H1 Declaration of release for free circulation and special arrangements – specific use – end-use declaration;
  • H2 Declaration of customs warehousing;
  • H3 Declaration of temporary admission;
  • H4 Declaration of inward processing;
  • H5 Declaration of introduction of goods in trade with special tax territories;
  • H6 Customs declarations in postal traffic for release for free circulation;
  • H7 Customs declarations for the release for free circulation of shipments benefiting from relief from import duty under Article 23(1) or Article 25(1) of Regulation (EC) No. 1186/2009;
  • I1 Simplified declaration;
  • I2 Notification of customs presentation of goods in case of entry in the declarant’s records or under customs declarations submitted prior to the presentation of goods for importation.

At this experimental stage, procedural/administrative requests for assistance can be sent to the following email address dir.organizzazione-digitaltransformation.processi@adm.gov.it
Our staff, on the other hand, will be sure to keep you updated on all developments in the new system for customs import declarations. In the meantime, please continue to follow us.