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The manufacturers of paints and varnishes, inks and adhesives are represented in Italy by AVISA, one of Federchimica‘s 17 Sector Associations. The National Federation of the Chemical Industry is part of Confindustria (the Confederation of Italian Industry) and a member of Cefic (the European Chemical Industry Council).


Sogedim is a partner specialized in the development of flexible and competitive transport solutions for the ADR industry.

Paints and varnishes, inks and adhesives all belong to the category of chemical products, which we do not perceive or see, but which exist and “live” in everyday life, albeit “hidden” in every manufactured product.
Although paints and varnishes are, for the most part, associated with a decorative function, they also help to protect and extend the life of the items on which they are applied. It is actually thanks to adhesives and paints that our artistic and construction heritage has been preserved.

In terms of industry-specific coatings, automotive and transportation products for automotive exhaust systems for cars, motorcycles and tractors offer stable coloration at high temperatures (up to 1200°F/649°C) and maximum corrosion protection, while enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the coating (liquid slurry coatings).

Addictive Manufacturing (AM) powders are singular in ensuring that the product satisfy the mechanical, performance and final component specifications of the automotive industry, as produced by 3D printing.
Among other coating requirements, thermal spraying powders are essential to guarantee the quality of the coating, reduced waste, and lower costs.

Moving on from the car to the tools of restoration and building renovation, if there were no interventions in this sense, mankind could not enjoy the magnificence of the masterpieces handed down by the great masters who have made the history of our country. Therefore, it is essential to continue to guarantee coating shipments, in Italy more than in other countries.
Coatings and adhesives are the magical tools that have really given the actual meaning to a car, a train, or an airplane. A book does not exist without the ink which it is written with and thanks to the pages it is glued to.

Road signs would not be as effective as they are without those paints that render signals visible even in particular conditions (e.g. fog, darkness).
A freight forwarder who daily receives requests for the transport of hazardous chemical materials by truck (ADR), by sea (IMDG), by air (IATA) or by train (RID), is aware of the importance role played by these chemicals in our society and the contribute they give to ensure its proper functioning.

Paints and varnishes, oils and waxes, resins, additives, pigments, chemicals, fillers, plasticizers, acids: according to legislation, these categories of products require specific packaging according to their level of hazard. It is essential to rely on a partner able to manage the handling of these goods in an appropriate way since rules and regulations vary diametrically depending on the type of chemical material transported and the means of transport used.
It is therefore essential to rely on a logistics partner that can guarantee a qualified and safe service at every stage of ADR shipping.

The complex European legislation on the transport of ADR, with very strict rules and product classifications, challenges the daily life of companies involved in the production of solvents, inks, additives, dyeing and bleaching textile industries: the level of care and specificity required is very high, and the time to be devoted to the necessary controls is very long. In order to overcome bureaucratic problems and speed up shipment times, companies in the coating sector must be assisted with attention and competence in the practical management of all activities.

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What does it mean to request ADR transport of a treatment, painting, coating product?

Requesting the transport of ADR dangerous goods means following predefined steps that are essential for the full safety of people and products involved in logistics handling operations.

ADR goods must necessarily carry the rhombus label required by law to be certified and they can be transported on pallets or on single load units, provided they are placed in combined packaging with internal wrapping, which in turn placed in external enclosures such as IBC plastic tanks, big bags, or bins.

Sogedim offers a highly competitive service for the transport of paints and varnishes, inks and adhesives, thanks to its many years of expertise and the ADR storage capacity of its warehouses, which is growing throughout the country in order to meet the general and specific storage needs of its client industries.

How significant is chemical in the Italian industrial culture?

We have to admit that the chemical industry has really made the numbers in these years giving its contribution to the management of the pandemic emergency. The efforts made have been extraordinary, according to the latest Federchimica Report 2020-2021 on the Chemical Industry in Italy. The Italian chemical industry has pulled out its jokers, ensuring continuity in production during the health crisis: despite the enormous difficulties faced, human resources have been the key to the solutions and paths undertaken thanks to a superior sensitivity that today draws its fruits.

It is thanks to efficient micro-organizational models that Italian companies in the CHEMICALS sector will be able to emerge in sustaining the competitiveness of the country and its identity in contrast to globalism.
The good quality of industrial relations in a crucial sector such as chemicals will be confirmed only when the emergency phase can be said to be over and we can go back to looking with confidence at the actual recovery in order to transfer to the entire economic system the necessary product innovation, as well as a culture of social and environmental responsibility.


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