Per gestire le esportazioni in Arabia Saudita, bisogna registrarsi al portale

Saudi Arabia requires that all shipments of products to be exported to the country and subject to a Technical Regulations of the SASO (Saudi Arabian Body for Standardization, Metrology and Quality), must be accompanied by certificates attesting to compliance with standards and Applicability of the Technical Regulations.

With the development of the SALEEM product safety program, SASO has implemented SABER, an electronic conformity assessment platform. SASO encourages commercial operators to use this platform to meet Saudi Technical Regulations and Standards.

Through this system, importers will have to initiate the certification request for regulated products destined for the Saudi market by registering their products and choosing one of the Certification Body approved by the SASO.

We report here, for information, some of the SASO accredited certification bodies:

  • SGS is a SASO accredited certification body and has been collaborating with SASO and the Ministry of Commerce and Investments for over 12 years in the field of product conformity assessment.
  • Intertek is approved by the SASO as a Certification Body for the issue of certificates relating to the established Technical Regulations.

For each product regulated by the program, these entities will be able to issue a Product Certificate demonstrating compliance with Saudi Arabian standards, technical requirements and regulations. In addition to the Product Certificate, they must also issue a Shipment Certificate valid for customs clearance at destination of each shipment.

SABER certificate: to export to Saudi Arabia in compliance with the conformity assessment requirements

The Saudi authority SASO (Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization) has introduced a new system for the certificate of conformity.

In 2019, the electronic certification and the “Saber” conformity assessment certificate replaced the “CoC Certificate of Conformity”.

Sogedim – to manage exports to Saudi Arabia in good standing

Saudi Arabia is a business partner that matters a lot to Italian companies. For this reason, and in order not to miss interesting opportunities, it is necessary to illustrate the criteria and procedures necessary to export to Saudi Arabia in accordance with the law.

Saudi Arabia, as a non-EU country with rules and bureaucratic procedures different from those provided for by the European Community, provides, also for exports, a unique and particular management for transporting goods, products and raw materials. Let’s see the procedure by points.

Before exporting required the Certificate of Conformity (CoC)

Until recently, exports to Saudi Arabia were managed through the Certificate of Conformity (COC), known by the old name SASO Certificate. This was the document that allowed the regular entry of goods according to local regulations. The certification, in fact, provided the conformity of the products to the standards imposed by the regulation on the transit of goods in Saudi Arabia.

Now you need the SABER Conformity Assessment Certificate

To speed up the procedures for obtaining the importation of goods and products, reduce counterfeit goods on the territory and increase the number of products compliant with the principles of the SASO from 2019 SABER officially takes over from the CoC Certificate of Conformity in the regulation of exports to Saudi Arabia.

SABER – How does the certificate work?

This type of online certification allows you to report, in a short time, importing companies, certification bodies, customs and commercial authorities of Saudi Arabia.
To export to Saudi Arabia today you need to use the SABER platform, except for the following products:

  • perfumes;
  • cosmetics:
  • pesticides;
  • cigarettes;
  • cigars;
  • other tobacco products.

SABER – How to register online on the platform

To manage exports to Saudi Arabia, you need to register on the portal

Per gestire le esportazioni in Arabia Saudita, bisogna registrarsi al portale


  • the English version of the platform facilitates the operations of operators without knowledge of the Arabic language;
  • for the first export you need to register, while for the following it will be sufficient to log in with your credentials;
  • for imports, the products must be registered and the certification body defined with related product and shipping certifications. A declaration of conformity is issued for each product, valid for one year.

From the moment the user submits a request to have the SCoC necessary for import into Saudi Arabia, in addition to product compliance, shipping compliance is also issued. If there is conformity of the goods, the goods are also issued through a linked process.

Our extensive experience in managing conformity assessment programs around the world allows us to offer customized, complete and efficient solutions to assist exporters and to ensure that their shipments comply with applicable requirements. See you soon with further information and updates.