Sogedim chooses a technological solution that strengthens the quality of the transport service

Environmental sustainability is now an important value also inside companies.

It is to support businesses towards an eco-friendly lifestyle that Sogedim chooses a greener approach with a technological solution that further strengthens the quality of the transport service offered. Paperless! Easy, good for better environment and people lives.

In favor of digitization Sogedim supports the logistics distribution market thanks to an App that improves the digital experience for the user, while maintaining the classic transport methods.

The SOGEDIM App – native and available on the App Store and Google Play for Android and iOS smartphones – makes the supply chain operations even more efficient following the last October 2020’s upgrade.

From Monday 8 March 2021, all the operations of collection, loading and goods delivery in Lombardy will be carried out exclusively through the application for an entirely digital-based supply chain.


Among the advantages of the Sogedim App:

  • in a few clicks you have what you need: faster transport operations and agile processes;
  • check the specific characteristics of the service by accessing the track and trace system on the website: advanced tracking features to always know, in real time, where the goods are and the status of the delivery or outgoing shipment;
  • verify the delivery via POD, or the occurrence of anomalies in each phase of transport;
  • the benefit of digital technology combined with the presence of people and the skills of the staff;
  • a listening report on your needs, but also on the environmental ones;
  • complete and efficient control over all your freight forwarding and logistics.

Support the environment with us! This app helps us rearrange our freight forwarding needs from a green perspective

After almost two months of parallel use of the application and the paper, from this week the STOP is official in the freight forwarding and logistics path goods, of every form of paper documentation except for the customer’s DDT, where this is requested during the deliveries.

We join together with a greener organization that does not detract from the effectiveness of your transport in Italy.