Sogedim rafforza il proprio presidio per le spedizioni in Serbia e nei Balcani

Mesero, 14.12.2022 – New partnership for Sogedim that strengthens its garrison in Serbia and in the Balkan region. The partnership is underway, towards new future goals.

After the preliminary meetings of last summer regarding the drawing up of common policy objectives referred to commercial sides of the new partnership, the official agreement is signed at Nuova Belgrado on December 7, 2022, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary DTS.

Sogedim’s management meets Milan Matić, CEO of DTS, at the meeting with Davor Ilic, Business Development manager and Nemanja Pavlovic, International Road Transport Director DTS.
“Figures show that Italy is one of the first foreign investors in Serbia and Sogedim, who never closes its eyes and always watches over new and profitable agreements, turns the key also in favor of a total transport coverage for this market in support to italian exporters” states Emanuele Codazzi, CEO of Sogedim.

Cooperation accelerates import-export by land with huge advantages for Italian companies interested in forwarding to and from Serbia: thanks to a service based on multi-weekly departures, timely pickups and connections for full loads/FTL, groupage/LTL are guaranteed for any kind of goods, ADR and temperature controlled too.

With a wide range of advantageous solutions for road, sea and air freight, both correspondents, making use of the important collaboration with the well-known Serbian distribution network, Delta DMD, are working to ensure a safe supply chain, even faster and more efficient.

Delta Transportni Sistem (DTS), with representative offices in Montenegro (Podgorica), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banja Luka and Sarajevo) and Slovenia (Ljubljana), is a specialized provider of integrated transport and logistics services.

Sogedim with DTS, active player in the field of the transports from 2008, strengthens its network of international freight forwarding, in the name of higher business transactions for the companies that exchange commodities and consumer goods on the Italian-Serbian market.
“The feeling with DTS there has always been, for us it’s precious get the right references on the territory and this partnership is an important business accelerator in the exchange of goods between the two countries”, says Valentin Dima, Chief Operating Officer Sogedim.

“2022 was a record year for trade between Serbia and Italy, and it cannot be denied that Italian exports to Serbia have grown, so a direct line to Belgrade was necessary to speed up transit times” declares Gianmarco Varisco, Chief Business development Officer Sogedim.