121 years of history for SOGEDIM s.r.l.

It’s true that time flies, when in what you do, there is passion.

Three decades of activity have already passed between hours spent annually in commitment and devotion, successes and failures, opportunities and bad moments, challenges and bureaucratic mishaps.
The Sogedim team, I-Dika and formerly Ruhrexpress, has been able to interpret, as a cohesive and well-coordinated group, the changes in the market, to evolve, over time, the power of the brand Guide (Sogedim) and the quality of the transport service offered to customers, correspondents and suppliers.

121 is the Total ‘Sum of years’ of overall Sogedim Group’s activity: 53 for I-Dika, 30 for Sogedim and 38 for Ruhrexpress.

They have been years of ambitious targets, but realistic, often bold choices with no easy answers due to a sector that often moves at high speed; years of constant commitment but above all great satisfaction.

Sogedim Srl acquires last November 2017 the ownership of the Ruhrexpress brand established in 1983, and it growing, supported by consolidated assets and above all motivated people, until 5 September 2019: year in which, to give the entire supply chain a new imprint of efficiency and ensure an even more widespread presence in the whole Italian territory, it chooses to also acquire I-Dika SPA.

The I-Dika brand belongs to the company founded in 1968, freight forwarder based in Turin, which in addition to having the same logistical capabilities as Sogedim offers an important distribution circuit in the transport and packaging of wines & spirits, in Italy and in the world, along with a strategic expertise in the transport of fashion and textiles.

These acquisitions represented an important step in the growth and in the proposal of an even broader and more diversified of transport and logistics services portfolio, to cover the needs of any industrial sector.

The goal is, on the one hand, to offer additional benefits to companies by giving impetus to import export thanks to Made In Italy, underlining our solidity as a company partner you can rely on and, on the other, to forge partnerships to expand network and achieve ever higher quality standards across road, air and sea.

The numbers speak for themselves: over 120,000 square meters of logistics centers and warehouses in Lombardy and Piedmont, 500,000 annual shipments for 4,500 customers, with a turnover of over 60 million euros and more than 350 collaborators.

In 2021 a special mention goes to the anniversary of the 30th year of activity of our company, Sogedim: we want to consider this milestone just a stop on the path that we have undertaken. There are so many other roads to do, while maintaining the same enthusiasm, by the same motivated people, who are still present today, from the very beginning.

Sogedim - 2021 is a year to celebrateA special thanks goes to those who in recent years have been able to believe in the brand, Sogedim, to those who choose every day our company solutions, making us part of their transport and business projects.

But we also want to thank our partners, Italian and foreign, the staff of over 350 people and all those who have contributed to making this achievement possible.

Although this represents a happy occasion to celebrate our company anniversary with those who made it possible to achieve this goal, the moment is particular: circumstances and “Covid” protocols oblige us to respect the distancing measures to safeguard collective safety. The Covid emergency still underway prevents us from celebrating our birthday as we would have liked, with toasts, music and parties.

If it is true that the anti-aggregation precautions should not be neglected, when we can return to organizing events we will tell you the stages of the path that today has allowed us to arrive at the numbers that now represent us. It’s just all postponed to better times.

We therefore look to the future with enthusiasm, and certain that this anniversary can become a new starting point, rest assured that we are already launched to new heights. The best time to tell the present preparing for the future, cannot exist if not remembering the past and where we come from.

This is a year for us in which every day we always want there to be results, or small moments, however significant enough, to deserve your special attention.